Enter The Dragon
Subject: Enter The Dragon (Best synced with NTSC r1 DVD)
Total Running time/size: 1:42:09sec (12.2Mb File)
Commentators: The gZa and Mighty Peking Man
Date: 03/10/02 and 03/17/02


The majority of this commentary is just brain snot spewed from The gZa and MPM over the course of two viewings of Enter the Dragon...

It was made purely as a reaction to the universally panned Paul Heller commentary on the current DVD, which truly sucks! Even more so when compared to the excellent Bey Logan tracks that supplement the HKL Bruce Lee DVDs... So over the course of two lazy Sundays and with little more that a lifelong appreciation of the movie, we aspired to remedy this...

Whether or not this was accomplished is a matter of opinion, but I guarantee you, you WILL learn more about EtD listening to this track than the Paul Heller one! *

So without further ado grab your Enter the Dragon DVD/VHS and sync them up as the Warner Bros. logo appears and enjoy...

Enter The Dragon.mp3 - Right Click to download (Recommended)

* Providing you can decipher my accent ;)