Doug Liman hopes all he needs is Cruise for live-action Japanese novel adaptation

Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s “All You Need is Kill”

Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s “All You Need is Kill”

Anime News Network via Vulture reports that the Bourne Identity director is considering the World War Z star as the lead in the movie version of the sci-fi book, All You Need is Kill, which can essentially be summed as Source Code meets Starship Troopers by way of Groundhog Day. Yes, this would be another “white leading guy replaces Japanese main character” type of deal, but at least the cultural elements in the original story are more minimal than most. So, unlike Akira, Warner would have to really go to a lot of trouble to eff this one up. P.S. The book is available in English.

Update: Now, ANN via THR, suggests that Tom Cruise is being wooed for the lead.

Update 2: I did not notice until today, but apparently, the title’s been changed to We Are Mortals, for some stupid reason.

Update 3: AICN via Variety notes that they’ve shifted from Pitt to Tom Cruise. Anime News Network also noted that Tom Cruise and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were also considered for the character.

Update 4: via Collider confirms the adaptation is Liman’s next project and that Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters’ Dante Harper is working on the script.

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