Bruce Lee -My Dedication

    It all started when I got into "ninja" films. I'm not talkin' about that hardcore Chinese stuff, I'm talkin' Cannon Films, Sho Kosugi and 80-year old men in crappy TV shows. I'd watch or rent this stuff everyday, especially every Friday and Saturday, where I'd watch countless ninja flicks for hours without sleep; And this was back in the day when I didn't have two VCRs to record shit, so I had to rely on re-renting the same tapes over and over again. That's how much I loved them. Boy I was stupid.

    It wasn't until 1992 or 1993 when I saw some movie called "Chinese Connection" on the shelf next to "Enter the Ninja", a tape that I had watched but wanted to watch again. Something sparked me at that very moment while I was trying to decide which one to choose. I picked up the "Enter the Ninja" box and flipped it over so I can re-live the back-of-the-box details. The first thing I noticed was some white guy with a beer belly and hairy chest holding a pair of numchucks looking like he was half a fag. Franc Nero was his name (way past his "Man With No Name" Lasagna-Western prime) and he was low-budget. Actually, the movie itself was even more low-budget.

    At that instance, my memory came back to me. You see, I didn't like "Enter the Ninja" the first time I saw it and I've seen all these other ninja films millions of times. So I put the box down, and now, all eyes were on "Chinese Connection". Guess what I did next?

    You guessed it. I ended up renting "Chinese Connection", fell in love Bruce and dumped the ninja. No more "Pray for Death". No more "Ninja Exterminators". No more "American Ninja 1, 2, or 100". It didn't matter. My days of "Gymkata" are left in the gym. I'll feed my "9 Deaths of the NInja" to pussy cats all around the world. "Only A Ninja Can Destroy A Ninja" my ass! A ninja is strong, don't get me wrong -- but no match for Bruce Lee.

    It's simple. Bruce was cooler than the ninja. He didn't rely on weapons other than the numchuck, which he barely used. He didn't mind showing his face. Those ninjas, they have to hide from everything. Wussies. Bruce just walks in the room with his yellow and black jogging suit, matching Adidas and a vicious grin that would make any ninja piss. Bruce has appeared in several classic films like Chinese Connection, Chinese Connection II, Dynamo, Enter the Dragon, Game of Death, and Return of the Dragon, which he also directed. These films prove that the man still lives on. He may not be here physically, but we can feel his presence as we watch him do his thing with his super-karate and twirling numchuck action.

    A few weeks ago I finally got a hold of Warrior's Journey (an excellent documentary directed by a Bruce Lee historian named Rich Little) it brought back memories..I was living Bruce Lee mania all over again. And the mania was bigger than Jesus, it was bigger than The Beatles.

    Synopsis of Films:

    Chinese Connection: Bruce Bruce Lee's masterpiece. He plays Chen, a karate student who is forced to seek vengeance for his teacher who might have been poisoned by evil Japanese Samurai. Don't miss the grand finale which has Bruce fighting against Bob Baker, a real-life Russian boxer!

    Chinese Connection II: The sequel to Chinese Connection. Not as good as the original, but pretty damn good!

    Bruce Lee: The Man/The Myth: A great film about Bruce Lee played by a guy that looks and fights just like Bruce Lee. Please note: The guy is not the real Bruce Lee.

    Enter the Dragon: Bruce Lee infiltrates the Island of Han - a one-handed man who is of Hitler-status on an Island somewhere on the Asian seas. Also stars John Saxon, Jim Kelly and Chuck Norris

    Fist of Fury: This film is called "The Big Boss" in some places but I like this title better. You know when Bruce punches out Tony Liu (he's the guy who plays the boss's son)? Well, that's why they called this "Fist of Fury". By the way, this film is really bloody. The bad guys didn't even have pity for the kid!

    Game of Death: Released just a little after his death, this one is my all-time favorite. Also starring Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, of the Los Angeles Lakers football team. Bruce had shot 80% of this film, but due to his death, they had to find a double for him to take over. Hence, it's late release. I think the double they chose was the same guy that played him in "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story".

    Warrior's Journey: A great documentary by Rich Little that picks up the pieces of Bruce's life and art and puts it back to perspective. This movie includes some rare "Game of Death" scenes that were cut.

    Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story: Again, not a real Bruce Lee film, but a big-budget Hollywood biography film. Stars Jason Scott Lee, Bruce's son (who tragically died in a film called "The Crow" in 1993). I think this film won some Oscar awards all over the world.

    Return of the Dragon: Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris. Enough said! :) Why say more? In this day and age, this would be like "Van Damme vs. Seagal" or something. Bruce Lee took his Hong Kong crew and filmed most of the fights in Rome which gives this film it's extra tingle.

    Tower of Death: Just another name for "Game of Death". The "tower" referring to the tower Bruce Lee climbs to get to Norris and Kareem.

    Curse of the Dragon: A cool documentary that talks a lot about Bruce Lee. Interviews with lots of his co-stars and partners. This was released about the same time "Dragon: The Bruce Lee story" was released.  Excellent marketing.

    Bruce Lee made a lot more films than listed here, but the ones I listed are my favourites. Beware of the Bruce Lee Clone films (Bruce Li, Dragon Lee, and the newest, Jet Li). There are lots of them out there, and it can be hard to tell the difference between the fakes and the real man. Basically, stick to the Bruce Lee films listed on this page, and you'll be just fine.

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