nora.gifNora Miao. We all love her. She's that Eurasian babe that we first laid eyes on in Bruce Lee's first film THE BIG BOSS (no, not Maria Yi ). How could you not notice that gentle-skinned, round-eyed China doll whose looks were so innocent, so sweet and so fucking sexy.

nora2.gifI don't know about you guys, but I would have done anything to be at that little soft-drink stand to save her from those thugs - especially since Bruce had to keep his lame-ass promise to "never fight again". Oh well. We can't compete with Bruce. He ended up winning her heart at the end as she starred in his next couple of flicks: FIST OF FURY and WAY OF THE DRAGON.

nora3.gifAnd yes, it was FIST OF FURY where she traded saliva with Bruce and to this day, she is the only woman who has ever shared an on-screen kiss with him. I don't know who was luckier? Her or Bruce. Linda musta been jealous.

Anyhow - as big as a fan I always was of hers (let's face it, she's the second best thing about a Bruce Lee film), it was always sad that I could never find any information about her on the net. So, I decided to give Nora Miao the notoriety she deserves in this special dedication to her.