The Accident


"The script seems to have been written as the film was shot."

- Gwailo

The Accident (1999)

Director: Lee Chi Chiu

Cast: Almen Wong Pui-Ha, Gigi Lai Chi, Patrick Tse Yin, Andrew Lin Hoi, Ben Ng (Ngai Cheung), Wong Choi

Running Time: 83 min.

Plot: A down-and-out adult movie actress, a tour guide who is forever in love, a girl who misses her boyfriend, a middle-aged airplane pilot, a wandering boy from the mainland, and a taxi driver, all encounter the same train accident which leads to a series of unrelated (yet loosely related by the way of the accident) passionate episodes.


GWAILO'S REVIEW: Ponderous 1hr. 23min. film by dir. Julien Lee weaves together stories of lives affected by a train accident. Head scratcher of a film doesn't seem to gain momentum. The characters seem out of it, almost embarrassed to admit that they have no idea what's going on. The script seems to have been written as the film was shot. Julien Lee does a bad Wong Kar-Wai with this social drama. Almen Wong, though, is effective as a mysterious starlett who seduces a young fan to be her love interest in her next category III movie. Another subplot, probably the best, concerns a mainland runaway homosexual (this would be a cool name for an experimental band) and a cab driver who shares the same sexual preference. A film that rarely hit's the mark, aloof in it's delivery and seemingly very self-important, with a message (maybe) that zoomed over (way over) my head(and I consider myself a scholar!).