Aces Go Places II


"Just keep in mind you aren't supposed to take it seriously, or you won't enjoy it at all."

- S!DM

Aces Go Places II (1983)

AKA: Mad Mission 2

Literally: Best Partners Big Show Remarkable Ability

Director: Eric Tsang Chi-Wai

Cast: Sam Hui Koon-Kit, Karl Maka (Mak Ka), Sylvia Chang, Tsui Hark

Running Time: 100 min.

Plot: SAM HUI and KARL MAK team up again in this spy actioner.


ALVIN GEORGE'S REVIEW: I saw the English-dubbed version of "Aces Go Places II," and it reminded me a lot of Jackie Chan's latter-day action flicks. For instance, Sam Hui kinda looks like Chan. Also, there are some cool stunts (which may have inspired some of the stunts in JC's later movies) and some nutty humor. However, the humor here is even nuttier than the average Chan flick. In "Aces Go Places II," there's a bad guy who looks like and talks like Clint Eastwood. Also present is a nutcase who thinks he's an FBI agent. And did I mention there's also a giant robot? I do admit, however, that this is not my favorite entry in the series. That honor goes to "Aces Go Places IV." Among other things, "Aces Go Places IV" has a darker tone, plus it's set in New Zealand (the same country where Simone Griffeth humps a couple of dudes in the movie "Hot Target").

ALVIN GEORGE'S RATING: 7/10 (English-dubbed version)

S!DM'S REVIEW: In the comedic vein of the Lucky Stars series, Aces Go Places 2 manages to immerse the viewer into the world of King Kong and Albert, ever so ready to help their Chief (Walter Tso, who plays the same character in the Lucky Stars films). The film flows from comedic set piece straight to action bits and in between the chase scenes we see something resembling a plot, and that's good enough for me. In fact, this whole movie is one giant chase scene: King Kong (Sam Hui) gets set up by a female crook, gets chased by the police, the bad guys, even a giant robot if you can imagine that! His bumbling partner in misfortune, Albert (Karl Maka in a convincing role as a do-gooding moron), always gets the butts of the jokes, while Kong, just as stupid, has no clue as to what's going on. There are some great stunts in this flick, and many familiar faces performing action. Fight scene-wise, this movie is almost up to par with the rest of the early-eighties actioners, but it is painfully obvious that Sam Hui is not a martial artist or screen fighter...But who really cares? The movie doesn't seem to, the other characters don't seem to, and I don't seem to either! Just watching these bumbling fools perform motorcycle stunts, bar room brawls, and fighting giant robots is good enough for me also! If you keep your eyes open during the fights, you will see some JC and Sammo Hung regulars! Yusuaki Kurata does his best at a non-action role, and the other actors are up to par, even a Gwai-Lo who impersonates Dirty Harry, who's name in this film is "Filthy Harry"! Overall, a lot like Lucky Stars, but not terribly the same either. Just keep in mind you aren't supposed to take it seriously, or you won't enjoy it at all.

S!DM'S RATING: 10/10