All About Ah-Long


"Touching, romantic, tragic and unforgettable. Don't miss this one."

- Mighty Peking Man

All About Ah-Long (1989)

Director: Johnny To

Producer: Catherine Huen

Writer: Man Fai Ng, Chow-Yun Fat

Cast: Chow-Yun Fat, Sylvia Chang, Mang Tat Wu, Kwan Yuen Wong

Running Time: 99 min.

Plot: A heart-warming family saga about Ah Long (Chow-Yun Fat), an ex-gang member who is seen through imprisonment, separation from his well-to-do wife and the eventual, but tragic, reunion with his son and the woman he loves.


MIGHTY PEKING MAN'S REVIEW: Not one dull moment goes by in this powerful drama starring some of the best talent in the business, including: Chow-Yun Fat, Sylvia Chang, Mang Tat Wu and a gifted little actor named Kwan Yuen Wong - let me tell you, this is one kid who deserves something that's beyond an Oscar. "All About Ah-Long" tells the story of Ah-Long, a hardworking, single father of a little boy named "Porky". Ah-Long and Porky are more than just father and son - they're best friends of a different kind. Both their lives are drastically changed when someone "important" from the past walks into their lives: Sylvia Chang. As the plot unfolds, all three characters have to make a decision that will change the rest of their lives. Touching, romantic, tragic and unforgettable. Don't miss this one.