All in the Family


"A Japanese girl's dream film."

- Victor Nguyen

All in the Family (1975)

Director: Chu Mu

Producer: Raymond Chow

Writer: Ken Suma

Cast: Jackie Chan, Linda Chu, Dean Shek Tien, James Tien, Sammo Hung

Running Time: NA

Plot: A family reunites to watch over their dying family member during his final days.

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VICTOR NGUYEN'S REVIEW: A Japanese girl's dream film. If you want to see Jackie's ass doing something other than for the purpose of comedy, this is the film to see. The plot has something to do with a dying man spending his last days with his relatives. During the first part of the film, there is alot of "male bonding" (perverted sex talk) and arguments, then the Chan meister himself arrives. He formally "bonds" with some woman a few times, including one with what seems to be a prostitute. Other than the wild monkey sex, there is no action in this film (Unless you consider wild monkey sex action, which believe me, many people do. You won't believe High School kids these days). With the sex out of the way, you can watch for future "Snake in the Eagle Shadow" costar Dean Shek in his usual 70's comedic role, and an appearence by Sammo Hung as one of those bicycle riders that carry people around. Overall, the perfect movie for those lonely days and nights.