All's Well End's Well


"It makes me want to go and watch all of Stephen Chow's movies again."

- Ben Poppel

All's Well End's Well (1992)

Literally: Family Has Happy Affairs

AKA: Family Happiness

Director: Raymond Wong Bak-Ming, Clifton Ko Chi-Sum

Producer: Clifton Ko Chi-Sum

Cast: Stephen Chow Sing-Chi, Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk, Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing, Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu, Raymond Wong Bak-Ming, Teresa Mo Shun-Kwun, James Wong Jim, Money Lo Man-Yi

Running Time: ?

Plot: See Ben Poppel's review below.


BEN POPPEL'S REVIEW: It's been a while since I have popped an older classic film into the DVD. So I thought I would go with All's Well today. And the results I found were actually pretty satisfying. It did have Stephen Chow, Maggie and Leslie in it, so that is always a plus. Mostly this is just a silly film getting a lot of inspiration from movie spoofs and situational comedy. It wasn't the greatest movie but it did what a comedy is supposed to do, make you laugh. The funniest parts is were when Stephen Chow was present (surprise surprise). And I even kind of enjoyed the role played by Maggie. It is nice to see her in one of these older movies and not playing the dumb chick always getting beat up. The rest of the supporting cast also did a pretty decent job pulling off their parts. Especially the old parents who were hilarious. At times the humor can be kind of weak but remained entertaining enough to please. Just a really silly film that tries hard to succeed and does a fairly good but not great job. It makes me want to go and watch all of Stephen Chow's movies again.