An Autumn's Tale


" of the finest Hong Kong films of the 1980's. "

- Vic Nguyen

An Autumn's Tale (1987)

Literally: Autumn's Fairy Tale

Director: Mabel Cheung Yuen-Ting

Producer: John Sham Kin-Fun

Writer: Alex Law Kai-Yui

Cast: Chow Yun-Fat, Cherie Chung Cho-Hung, Danny Chan Bak-Keung, Gigi Wong Po-Yi, Wong Man, Brenda Lo Yip-Mei, Joyce Houseknecht, Arthur Fullbright, Cindy Ng Lai-Sing, Chan Yui-Yin, Tom Hsiung (Hung Kwong-Tong)

Running Time: 98 min.

Plot: Instead of relying on a soap opera plot or incredible tragedy, this is a very understated and much-acclaimed movie about a nice guy who likes a girl, and tries to make her happy. Director Mabel Cheung and screenwriter Alex Law break new ground by developing the characters rather than throwing in unnecessary plot complications.


VIC NGUYEN'S REVIEW: Mabel Cheung Yuen-ting directed this light hearted, simplistic love story filmed on location in New York City. Chow Yun-fat earned a best actor nomination for his portrayal of Figgy, a fun loving ex-sailor assigned to show his distant cousin (Cherie Chung) the finer life of New York. Beautiful cinematography, finely crafted performances by the leads, and a simple, yet touching screenplay help rank this low budget production as one of the finest Hong Kong films of the 1980's.