Believe It or Not


"Its just an above average horror/comedy."

- T-Style

Believe It or Not (1999)

Director: Chin Wellson

Writer: Chow Yin Han

Running Time: 92 min.

Plot: See T-Style's review below.


T-STYLE'S REVIEW Let me just start by saying that there are many better horror/comedies out there this year. But with the cast of Francis Ng and Sam Lee (few of my favorite actors), it makes this movie some what entertaining. The story is pretty simple, Joe's girlfriend Mandy get possessed by a ghost. The ghost need her body to get even with this cop, Kenny. With the plot having a few twists, I guess the story was not nearly as bad. What makes this movie stands out is the fact that Francis Ng is in it. As with his other movies Francis plays a rude/cruel funny guy, not that thats a bad thing. Sam Lee had some funny scenes, especially when its with Francis. The scene with Sam and Francis in the bathroom was hilarious. It's just an above average horror/comedy. If you like this, also try the Troublesome Nights series.