Blood Brothers


" of the finest of the early Chang Cheh films..."

- Perkele

Blood Brothers (1973)

AKA: Dynasty of Blood

Director: Chang Cheh (Asst. Director: John Woo)

Producer: Run Run Shaw

Writer: I Kuang, Chang Cheh

Cast: David Chiang, Ti Lung, Chen Kuan Tai, Ching Li, Wang Lung Wei

Running Time: ?

Plot: See Perkele's review below.


PERKELE'S REVIEW: Widely regarded as one of the finest of the early Chang Cheh films, and at least from what I've seen [not nearly all of 'em], this statement is certainly correct. "Blood Brothers" is an epic tale of three sworn blood brothers, friendship, honor, betrayal and revenge. It's sort of like a kung fu version of "Bullet in the Head", and in fact, John Woo worked as an assistant director on this one so the similarities can't be just coincidence. Based on the real events and characters, Ti Lung plays terrifically the power-greedy general [quite like Wise Lee in BITH], whose lust for power finally makes him murder Chen Kuan Tai [in BITH it's Jackie Cheung], with whom wife (Ching Li) he's also having a secret love affair. David Chiang [compare: Tony Leung] finds this out, and avenges Chen Kuan Tai's death by finally killing Ti Lung. And as this is a Chang Cheh film, David Chiang is, at the end, tortured and killed for the murder. The film uses efficient beautiful outdoor locations [get the widescreen version], and there's dozens of extras in the biggest fights, making the movie look real good. Fight choreography (in courtesy of Hong Kong legend Liu Chia Liang) is pretty much the best of the era [if you don't count Bruce Lee's films], though many will consider it a bit slow nowadays. Highly recommended for the fans of this older SB stuff.