Bloody Mary Killer


"A standard piece of Godfrey Ho nonsense..."

- Alvin George

Bloody Mary Killer (1994)

AKA: Undefeatable

Director: Godfrey Ho (aka Godfrey Hall)

Cast: Cynthia Rothrock, Robin Shou, Donna Jason, Don Niam, John Miller, Yukari Oshima

Running Time: 90 min.

Plot: A Maryland community is terrorized by a serial killer who knows martial arts.


ALVIN GEORGE'S REVIEW: A standard piece of Godfrey Ho nonsense,"Bloody Mary Killer" is basically "Undefeatable" with some footage taken out and new footage thrown in. It goes without saying that "Bloody Mary Killer" is in Chinese while "Undefeatable" is in English. Despite some new Asian characters thrown in, the main bad guy is the same: Some scary white dude with a mullet who goes around killing people, often ripping their eyes out. A tacked-on subplot involving allegations of corruption doesn't really go anywhere. The acting sucks. (I got mad at Mulletmeister because he kept hurting and/or killing beautiful women, but I was mad anyhow because the guy playing him is low-budget.) The production values are pure shit. Most of the fight scenes are boring. However, there ARE two fights in "Bloody Mary Killer" that are at least halfway decent, both involving Robin Shou: One where he and Cynthia Rothrock go against each other using staffs, and one where Shou fights some street punk. However, "Undefeatable" was somewhat more coherent, and it doesn't help matters that the subtitles in "Bloody Mary Killer" are often unreadable. Moreover, "Undefeatble" has more footage of Donna Jason. Sure, she's not much of an actress, but her hair has this '80s feel to it. Boy, I can't wait to see Godfrey Ho's "Angel the Kickboxer!" (I mean that sarcastically, of course.)