Body Weapon


" it for the porn or the action, unless you take it as the porn IS the action..."


Body Weapon (1999)

Director: Cheung Man

Producer: Wong Jing

Cast: Angie Cheung, Chui Man Cheuk, Elvis Tsui, Stephen Au, Clarance Ford, Pinky Cheung

Running Time: 90 min.

Plot: See T-Styles's review below.


T-STYLE'S REVIEW: I've never really liked the two elements of sex and martial arts into a movie. I wouldn't hate it more if it isn't for the bad...bad....story line. Way too simple.....reminds me of Wong Jing's "Rape by a Angel" series. The story goes as Kwan and Sam are good buddies at a police station. They both are trying to court Ling. Ling likes them both but don't know who to choose to spend her life with. Later on, Ling decided to marry Sam. Then Ling gets raped by a gang of rapist which also killed her husband, Sam. Ling now seeks revenge and Kwan is helping to solve the rape case. Wow! An all-star cast from Category III movies. We have Angie from Rape by a Angel 4, Pinky Cheung from RbaA part 3, the guy who played Officer Wu's boss, he's the rapist from RbaA part 2 and of course, Elvis Tsui is in this too, no surprise since he's done over a shit load of pornos. Then we have Chui Man Cheuk?!!?! What the hell? Hard to belive he's in the movie? Well, believe it alright. In my opinion, this could've been a better action flick if it wasn't for the weird, senseless plot, and the delightful (if you are in the mood) but still annoying of Angie Cheung taking off her clothes over and over and over, well it wasn't that many times but the whole movie had her in erotic scenes. I think I'm only complaining is because I was really looking forward to seeing Chui Man to do his usual (but still cool) martial arts with wires. This movie DID have action scenes, Chui Man makes this movie still worth seeing. Some of his moves were repetitive but if you urge for a fight scene or your a fan of his I guess the fights are pretty good. So rent it for the porn or the action, unless you take it as the porn IS the action, I don't care just rent it however you want.