Bomb Disposal Officer: Baby Bomb


"If you at all are a fan of Anthony Wong and Lau Ching-Wan, then check out Bomb Disposal Officer: Baby Bomb."

- Equinox21

Bomb Disposal Officer: Baby Bomb (1994)

Director: Jamie Luk Kin-Ming

Producer: Tony Leung Hung-Wah

Cast: Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Lau Ching-Wan, Esther Kwan Wing-Ho, Chan Mong-Wah, Lung Tin-Sang, Joe Cheung Tung-Cho, Stephen Tsang Kwong-Chin, Parkman Wong Pak-Man, Kirk Wong Chi-Keung

Running Time: 124 min.

Plot: See review below.


EQUINOX21'S REVIEW: I was quite shocked to be perusing the list of available films on my regular online Asian films shopping site and stumbled upon a film from 1994 starring Anthony Wong and Lau Ching-Wan. I'd never even heard of the film Bomb Disposal Officer, despite the lengthy research I'd done on their various other, better known, films. So, I picked up the VCD (yes, it's not even available on DVD) and gave it a watch. While this is nowhere near either of their best movies, it was an amusing comedy with two guys I'm far more familiar with seeing as hardened killers or tough as nails cops.

John and Peter are room mates and police officers on the bomb disposal team. They take every opportunity to take their time while disposing of bombs to do various things like eating lots of food when they should be deactivating explosives in a restaurant and ogling a woman's body as they're trying to disarm a booby-trap around her neck. When they get another room mate, Mary, they try to out do each other in winning her attention. This leads to many an amusing situation, and eventually leads to the three of them waking up after a night of heavy drinking only to find that both John and Peter had sex with Mary and that she's pregnant. They then try to out do each other, going back and forth between insisting that they're the father and insisting that the other one is the father. During all this time, of course, is a crazy evil bomber who is setting bombs off around the city. It all comes to a head when the bomber targets the bomb disposal officers themselves.

There weren't too many laugh out loud type moments in BDO, but a few left me chuckling. I haven't seen Anthony Wong in very many comedies, but I do really enjoy it when he does them. The camaraderie/rivalry between Lau Ching-Wan and Anthony Wong worked really well, and was only made better by two great actors being as aloof and goofy as was required for their roles. Even though the plot was pointless, to the point of even being considered a complete joke, with an antagonist that is so far from scary that even the officers made fun of him at times, the movie works because of the two leads.

If you at all are a fan of Anthony Wong and Lau Ching-Wan, then check out Bomb Disposal Officer: Baby Bomb. It's amusing enough to entertain, if you can find it cheap enough. And since it appears to only be available on VCD, you should be able to find it extremely cheap.