Bruce Le's Greatest Revenge


"Cheap, but not exactly terrible."

- Goldenfist

Bruce Le's Greatest Revenge (1978)

Director: Lee Tso Nam aka To Lo Po

Cast: Bruce Le, Bolo Yeung, San Kuai, Tong Yim Chaan, Lee I Min, Hon Gwok Choi, Michelle Lai, To Siu Ming, Guk Fung aka Ku Feng, Fong Yau

Running Time: 94 min.

Plot: This is Bruce Le's version of "Fist of Fury" aka "Chinese Connection". Another telling of the Ching Wu school, Ho Yuen Chia, Japanese and Chen Chen taking revenge.


GOLDENFIST'S REVIEW: This movie has to be one of the cheapest, most low-budgeted pieces of $%#@! ever. However, it isn't as bad as "Clones of Bruce Lee". We even have your gay looking Bob Baker wannabe who uses a fencing sword to help kill Ho Yuen Chia (in this version, he went to a dinner with Japanese and they poisoned his drink. He fought all Japanese, including Bolo, who is a Mongolian fighter) who was portrayed as a bumbling idiot. We also have your Mr. Wu (the guy who had sided with Japanese) wannabe.

The thing that I like about Bruce Le movies is that he uses traditional kung fu. Hell, he's a better fighter than Bruce Li. Also, I liked the fact that during the Ching Wu/Japanese fight, the Ching Wu students put up a HELL of a better fight than those in the original "Fist". The Ching Wu students in this movie, can ACTUALLY fight!!! Especially Michelle Lai (who portrayed Ho Yuen Chia's daughter) and Li Yi Min, who tries to act like James Tien in the massacre scene (dies trying to save teacher's picture). Bruce Le doesn't kill the main Japanese baddie sss(Ku Feng), he leaves him for 3 Ching Wu students. Oh Yeah, we also have a retarted student with a wandering eye???

Well, you have to see this film to believe it!!!!

Cheap, but not exactly terrible.