Bruce vs. Bill


"This movie is low-budget, but still kicks serious ass..."

- Goldenfist

Bruce vs. Bill (1981)

Director: Lam Kwok Cheung

Writer: Chan Rai Ying

Cast: Bruce Le (Huang Kin Lung), Bill Louie, Jim James, Chiang Tao, Ma Cheung, Liu Yi Fan

Plot: The Chinese government has donated million of U.S. dollars. The money is safely kept in a safe. However, an European mobster is after the cash. The only way to get to the cash is through a priceless set of keys. After the meeting, the boss's men kills the man who has the keys. That is where Bill Louie comes in. The dying man gives Louie the keys. After constant failures, the boss hires Bruce Le, a hitman to go after Louie. Soon, Bruce finds out about the boss's plan and join forces with Louie to take on the bad guys.


GOLDENFIST'S REVIEW: This movie is low-budget, but still kicks serious ass, especially since it's a Bill Louie flick. Bruce Le is the man, since I grew up watching him. The fight scenes are decent and Le actually doesn't impersonate Lee. In most of Le's movies, he uses traditional kung fu. Louie does his karate (which was taught to him by Aaron Banks). Check out his new shave and a haircut. He is far superior than his years at Aquarius Pictures. This movie will have you rolling, as with most Bruce Le flicks.

GOLDENFIST'S RATING: 6.5/10 (one of the better Bruce Le flicks)