Bullets of Love


"...subplot needs to go, I felt like I was spending a week with the in-laws."

- Ben Poppel

Bullets of Love (2001)

Director: Andrew Lau Wai-Keung

Cast: Leon Lai Ming, Terence Yin Chi-Wai, Saki Hayawaka

Running Time: 66 min.

Plot: See Ben Poppel's review below.


BEN POPPEL'S REVIEW: Making a Hong Kong movie with a good story can be hard to come by. But I think Bullets of Love does a pretty good job making us believe and think about what we are watching. But everything that is good about the story can almost be completely ruined by the stupid middle of this crazy picture. This movie starts off good and continues that way for about forty minutes or so. Then the movie switches gears, and goes into this boring subplot of one of "Sam's" (played by Leon Lei) brother getting married or something and just gets downright pitiful. I know, there usually always has to be a slow part in the story where the characters build relationships between each other, so we can have appreciation for them. But this story subplot needs to go, I felt like I was spending a week with the in-laws. But it was a good thing I didn't turn off the film because the last twenty minutes were painfully fantastic - making for a decent picture. It has many good parts that keep you on the edge of your seat (well maybe only about half way off). But also has many scenes that make you say, "just come on will ya".

BEN POPPEL'S RATING: 6/10 if you have to watch the entire movie; 7.5/10 if you take out the whole wedding thing in the middle.