Clones of Bruce Lee


"The fun and laughs poked at the film can only go on for so long."

- Mighty Peking Man

Clones of Bruce Lee (1977)

Director: Joseph Kong

Producer: Dick Randall, Chang Tsung Lung

Action Director: Wong Kei Lung

Cast: Dragon Lee, Bruce Le, Bruce Lai, Bruce Thai, Jon Benn, Yang Tze (Bolo)

Running Time: 90 min.

Plot: The real Bruce Lee is cloned upon his death and the three clones take on the worst bad guys around, including the scientists who cloned them.


ALVIN GEORGE'S REVIEW: "Clones of Bruce Lee" is a monotonous movie featuring not one, but THREE Bruce Lee "clones." What are their characters' names? Bruce Lee One, Bruce Lee Two, and Bruce Lee Three. Most of the movie is fight scenes, and they almost all seem the same as far as fighting style is concerned. As you might expect, the dubbing is bad and the dialogue is cheesy. However, three scenes in the movie stood out for me:

1. The scene where one of the clones is attacked by two white dudes. One of them wears a white karate gi, while the other wears a blue Adidas-type tracksuit with white stripes down the sides. I'm not racist, but it's about time these cheap-ass HK exploitation films have some white dudes.

2.  The scene where there's a bunch of naked Asian chicks with big bazookas running down the beach. (You can even see their pubic hair, though there are no really great crotch shots.) All they do is oil themselves and flirt with guy. It also has Bruce Le (I think) wearing Speedo-type swimming trunks, trunks so tight you can see his dong.

3. The scene where one of the clones practices his moves as the "Rocky" theme plays on the soundtrack. The producers probably didn't have any concern for copyright laws, but the theme song brought back good memories of the "Rocky" movies. The song reminded me of how they were much better than this crap.

By the way, the movie ends pretty abruptly without so much as closing credits or even the words "The End."


MIGHTY PEKING MAN'S REVIEW: I've seen some pretty strange "Bruceploitation" films, but this one tops them all. Let's see here, we got: Dragon Lee, Bruce Le, Bruce Lai, Bruce Thai (no joke!), John Benn (the bearded-dude from "Way of the Dragon" who makes a cheap appearance), Bolo Yueng (the close-up shots of his face are scarry in this flick, looks like his lips are made of Bologna!), a gang of totally naked women (the highlight of this film as far as I'm concerned) and last, but not least...fat bad guys painted in gold paint. Sounds interesting huh??? Well read on...

The fun and laughs poked at the film can only go on for so long. The film is packed with so many meaningless, terribly staged fights, that it's almost a pain to watch. After about 30 minutes, I had two choices: Fall asleep or fast-forward. I decided to get my $1.99 worth and fast-forward. This movie is a silly bore.

This film is definitely the ultimate "Bruceploitation" film. And that is NOT a good thing.