Dragon Force


"I expected this to be some lame-ass American karate romp but it turned out to be a fast-paced Hong Kong martial arts spectacle!"

- Perkele

Dragon Force (1982)

AKA: Powerforce

Literally: God Search Light Head Daughter

Director: Michael Mak Dong Git

Producer: Terence Chang

Writers: : Terry Chalmers, Dennis Thompsett, John Au Wa Hon

Cast: Bruce Baron, Ho Chung Tao (aka Bruce Li), Mandy Moore, Frances Wong, Olivia Jeng, James Barnett, Randy Channel, Raichard Lau, Molo, Sam Sorono, Hal Archer, Biu Lui Si Ang Long, Man Dai Lut A, Si Ming, Dang Gei Chan, Chim Si Baan Laap, San Sin

Running Time: ?

Plot: See Perkele's review below.


PERKELE'S REVIEW: Not just what I expected. I expected this to be some lame-ass American karate romp but it turned out to be a fast-paced Hong Kong martial arts spectacle! Right at the beginning, when you see Bruce Baron training and a little while later dealing with some thugs you already know that this is going to be a fun and stupid film. Yeah, you thought Jeff Falcon looked like an idiot in "The Outlaw Brothers"... well; you just have to think again. Bruce Baron looks and acts like a retarded moron. His fighting abilities are not perfect, but he succeeds to do some decent moves. He doesn't even have too much screen time; mostly it's the whole Dragon Force fighting at the same time. Bruce Li, the head of the Dragon Force, also looks quite like a fool with his idiotic parting and everything. The bad people consist from a few Russian generals [one of which is very large and gets "stuck" every once in a while] and lots of ninjas. All the bad fighters are ninjas, except for that one VERY stupid-looking Bolo Yeung wanna-be. The fights are nothing but hilarious. The only compliment is that some of them are sped up [with that awful theme music which sounds like it was ripped from some cheap kiddie cartoon]. Bruce Li does a few cool kicks and the others are not bad either. Very, very entertaining. What's more: the movie has above-average budget for an 80's HK actioner and funky 70's style stock music! And let's not forget the horrendous dubbing...

The plot has a princess (Mandy Moore) kidnapped by the Russians. Government agent Jack Sargeant (Bruce Baron) is sent to co-operate with the infamous Dragon Force. So naturally he must go to the Tip Toe Forest where he is first attacked by a flute playing Chinese chick [who plays the flute without actually playing it!], then a masked samurai warrior and finally he must show off his staff-swinging ability to Bruce Li. He then becomes a member of Dragon Force and together they blow up [literally] evil ninjas & shit. Highly recommended.