Eye of the Dragon


"Lots of naked white girls"

- Goldenfist

Eye of the Dragon (1982)

AKA: Bruce Le Fights Back, Ninja Strikes Back

Director: Bruce Le & Joseph Kong

Producer: Dick Randall

Cast: Bruce Le, Hwang Jang Lee, Casanova Wong, Harold Sakata (Oddjob), Yang Sze (Bolo), Chick Norris (who the hell is this person?)

Running Time: 90 min.

Plot: An international crime organization that has murder, kidnapping, slavery and extortion among their repetoire have made Bruce Lee their main target. But Bruce is on a mission of his own - to crush the group and their hired assassins! Bruce Lee's intense confrontation with "Bolo" Yueng and "Odd-Job" Sokata makes this film truly a martial arts classic.


GOLDENFIST'S REVIEW: Bruce (Le) and Ron (Hwang) are buddies that are working for an Italian mob boss. Bruce gets put in jail during a mission. After he gets out, he tells Ron that he no longer wants to be a part of the mob. The mob and Ron turn against him. They then kidnap the Ambassador's daughter, twice. The ninja sect in Hong Kong(also connected with the mob) kills Bruce's father and kidnap Bruce's sister and along with the ambassador's daughter, put her in a prostitution ring. Oh yeah, Bruce's girlfriend was shot dead at the nude beach! After that, Bruce must fight the ninjas at the Roman Coliseum and fight Ron to the death. If anything, GOD '78 should have been like this, LOL! So, so low budget, just as Fist of Fear, Touch of Death. Lots of naked white girls - even the ambassador's daughter gets naked. The fight scenes are cheap and let's not mention the finale. The x-rays of Hwang Jang Lee's insides are cartoon drawings. This movie is recommended for a good laugh.