Fist of Fury III


"... the movie is cheaper than my new shoes..."

- Perkele

Fist of Fury III (1980)

AKA: Chinese Connection III

Director: Don't know, and he propably wouldn't want his name to leak out to the public anyway.

Producer: Whoever he was, he wasn't a wealthy guy, that's for sure.

Writer: Not needed, the plot was obviously knocked up together on the set.

Action Director: See "Producer"

Cast: Ho Chung Tao (aka Bruce Li), Ho Chung Do, Ku Phong

Running Time: 92 min.

Plot: Evil Japanese bastards harass Chinese so they had to deal with a local Bruce Lee imitator.


PERKELE'S REVIEW: Why am I doing this to myself? "Fist of Fury II" was utter crap, the worst movie I can think of. Still, here I am reviewing "Fist of Fury III"! Just how many times is it possible to redo "Fist of Fury"??? The evil japs are once again on the loose [this time they even have that irritating japanese whiner from the original "Fist of Fury" and "Way of the Dragon"] and it's up to Bruce Li to beat the crap out of them. As you might have guessed, the movie is cheaper than my new shoes and fails pathetically on almost every department. It's mostly a fucking bore! The version I saw even had "double" music! Every time they were music, it was TWO different songs playing at the same time [saying it sounded terrible would be a mild expression]! But as bad as it is, it at least upstages the previous part [now that's a major statement!]. Fights are somewhat worthwhile, with Mr. Li showing some impressive skill [though an imitator, I definately like this guy]. Actually, the fighting is so good that this cheapie just might be decent entertainment for a hardened old school fanatic [like me] when there's absolutely nothing else available.