God of Gamblers 3: Back to Shanghai


"The best of the Stephen Chow/Wong Jing do hap collaborations..."

- Vic Nguyen

God of Gamblers 3: Back to Shanghai (1991)

AKA: All For The Winner 3

Director: Wong Jing

Producer: Jimmy Heung Wah-sing

Writer: Wong Jing

Cast: Stephen Chow Sing-chi, Gong Li, Ng Man-tat, Ray Lui, Sandra Ng Kwun-yu, Charles Heung Wah-keung, John Ching Tung, Lung Fong, Barry Wong

Running Time: 116 mins.

Plot: Stephen Chow stars in a zany spoof of the original. After beingdefeated by Sing, the Gambling King of China returns home to gather a group gifted with special abilities, and challenges Sing to a duel. Their special abilities affect the magnetic field of earth and disturb the operation of time. All is brought back to 1937 in Shanghai, full of struggle and bloodshed. What will happen to these modern intruders? Can they survive all those killings and battles in Shanghai? Will they bring any changes to history? And how can they return to the future?


VIC NGUYEN'S REVIEW: The best of the Stephen Chow/Wong Jing do hap collaborations, God of Gamblers 3 manages to compact Chow's trademark mo lei tau wordplay into a package boasting exciting action, a jovial cast, Back to the Future-style time travel predicaments, and hilarious physical comedy. However, knowledge of the storyline to the legendary Shanghai Beach (aka The Bund) TV series is required in order to get a lot of the jokes (most notably the casting of Ray Lui as Ding Lik, the same character he portrayed in the television series). Despite this obstacle, there is plenty on hand to enjoy in this entertaining production. Most significant is the presence of Mainland Chinese actress Gong Li, who turns in an uncharacteristically comedic performance as a pair of twin sisters. She and Chow have wonderful on-screen chemistry, and the two would reunite later on for Chow's 1993 vehicle, Flirting Scholar. In addition, the occasional fight sequences are well choreographed, the gambling scenes are ingenious, and there is a joyfully infectious musical number (dedicated to steamed buns, with the world's first McDonald's serving as the backdrop (?!)). Very much recommended.