Iron Monkey


"...there are no major flaws, except that they forgot to dub about some 20 seconds of the movie at one point..."

- Perkele

Iron Monkey (1977)

AKA: Bloody Monkey Master

Director: Chen Kuan Tai

Producer: Lin Wung Feng

Writer: Ni Kuang

Cast: Chen Kuan Tai, Chi Kuan Chun, Kam Kong, Wilson Tong, Leung Kar Yan, Sun Chia Lin, Chin Kang, Shih Chun Tien, Liang Chia Ren, Wu Ma

Running Time: 90 min.

Plot: Iron Monkey is the nickname of a young gambler who becomes the sole survivor of a Manchurian massacre. After burying his family, a fate-filled road leads Iron Monkey to the confines of Shaolin Temple. Full of vengeance, the young victim of circumstance endures humiliation from his classmates and rigorous training from the infamous Bitter Monk. All hardship is painfully accepted, to finally explode into a merciless confrontation with the chief of the Manchus - each and every finger a blade of fury, making all counterattacks twice as deadly


MASSACURE'S REVIEW: I like this movie, its an old school kung fu flick, with alot of killing, the movie starts with his whole family being murdered, and his lil brother being killed by his own dad, thats one of my favorite scenes, Then he goes to shaolin for training and this where the dullness sets in, But he finally leaves shaolin to revenge his families death, kills alot of folks brutally, the end scenes when he takes out the generals is some great old school kung fu fighting, but dullness in the middle brings the movie down, if u wanna see an shaolin training movie get shaolin master killa a much better film.


PERKELE'S REVIEW: "The Iron Monkey" is one of those late 70's kung fu flicks with at least a dozen but stills and Buddha bless yous. It tells as an often-heard story about a young man who enters the Shaolin temple to study martial arts. Why? To avenge his murdered family of course. Also, this movie isn't from any major HK producing companies, but from some smaller one called Ching Hua Film Co. All this leads you to expect a very lame, very low-budget film. Then again, "The Iron Monkey" seems to got some potential as well: the director & actor Chen Kuan Tai [from Shaw Brothers fame] and also many supporting roles from familiar faces i.e. Leung Kar Yan ["Warriors Two"], Wilson Tong ["Snake Deadly Act"] and Chi Kuan Chun ["Eagle's Claw"].

"The Iron Monkey" isn't too bad for an old school fan like me. While the fighting is just average, nothing special, the plot involves some nice twists and the great screen presence of Chen Kuan Tai is used to the fullest. The sets are OK; nothing like in some of those worse independent productions where it looks like the whole film is shot in the producer's backyard or in your neighbour's garden. In "The Iron Monkey", there are no major flaws, except that they forgot to dub about some 20 seconds of the movie at one point [everyone's suddenly speaking Cantonese for a while]. Also the print I saw [UK cassette from "Eastern Heroes"] had quite bad picture quality, especially the colors were fucked up. But this doesn't spoil the film too much, so if you are in mood for some fun old skool chop socky, give "The Iron Monkey" a try.