Legendary Weapons of Kung-fu


"This is just a really cool movie about magic and weapons and anyone will love it."

- Kenneth T

Legendary Weapons of Kung-fu (1982)

AKA: 18 Legendary Weapons of China, Legendary Weapons of China

Director: Liu Chia-Liang (Lau Ka-Leung)

Producer: Run Run Shaw

Writer: Liu Chia-Liang (Lau Ka-Leung)

Action Director: Liu Chia-Liang (Lau Ka-Leung)

Cast: : Liu Chia-Liang, Liu Chia-Yung, Liu Chia-Hui, Hui Ying-Hung, Alexander Fu Sheng, Hsiao Hou

Running Time: 107 min.

Plot: Secret cults teaches there followers how to protect against stabs and foreign guns. A Master (Liu-Chia Liang) teaches his students how to train there body against bullet. Knowing that they wouldn't be able to protect themselves from bullets, he went into hiding and became a wood cutter. They send 3 different men: a monk (Liu-Chia Hui), his brother (Liu-Chia Yung), and a young man (Hsiao Hou) to assasinate him. The Master befriends a women (Hui Ying-Hung) and turns the young man over to his side while hiding his martial skill. He defeats the monk and regains his Martial Arts skill. At the end its a battle to the kung fu gods using the 18 weapons of kung fu.


KENNETH T'S REVIEW: This movie has very very long dead spots and a really goofy scene in the middle were there trying to draw out Le Kung (the Master). But it's all worth the wait because what happens at the end is one of the best on screen weapons fight ever made. I also enjoyed the the trickery that was used all throught this movie. Like voodoo, magic, spring loaded weapons, etc.. This movie had about four fights. First of which was a duel between Hsiao Hou and Liu Chia Yung's ventrilliquism and voodoo where he controls a man against him(I loved it and the way he was shaking the doll looked exactly like what the guy was doing). Nevermind make that five fights. Hsiao Hou had a fight in the attic with Hui-ying Hung which was short but good. 3rd fight was between Hsiao Hou, Liu Chia Liang,and Hui-Ying Hung(by this time they had all become friends) against Liu-Chia Hui. Liu Chia Liang shows Liu-Chia Hui he's not as good as he thought he was and reveal to Hsiao Hou that he does know how to fight. Very entertainting fight. 4th fight between Hsiao Hou, his master(I think Alexander Fu Sheng) and Liu Chia Liang is great and gets you ready for the last fight. Finally we get to the last fight which is about a 10 min battle to the death using all 18 weapons(I think the skip 1 or 2 but mostly all of them) between Liu Chia Liang and Liu Chia Yung. Would be the best weapons movie ever made but there are better ones. Mainly Odd Couple but this is Legendary Weapons of Kung Fu's Review. Anyways Liu Chia Liang skills are unmatched with weapons aleast. I said it before and I'll say it again: Liu Chia Liang is one of the best things that happen to HK cinema ever.

Bottom Line: This is just a really cool movie about magic and weapons and anyone will love it.