Passion Unbound


"Director Joe Hau Wing-choi beautifully realizes this bizarre cat III entry and directs it with force."

- Gwailo

Passion Unbound (1995)

Literally: Category Four Murdering Maniac

AKA: Unbound Passion

Director: Joe Hau (Wing Choi)

Producer: Joe Hau (Wing Choi)

Cast: Carrie Ng Ka-Lai, David Ng (Dai Wai), Ng Ga Fai, Gam Wai Ying, Hilary Tsui Ho-Ying, Christine Ng (Wing Mei), Chang Hing Wan, Lily Lee (Lee Lee), Chin Ho, Shirley Yu, Fei Cheung, Jamie Luk (Kim Ming)

Running Time: 99 min.

Plot: Someone is murdering prostitutes. David Ng is the detective on the case and Carrie Ng is a mysterious woman who lives by the scene of the crimes.

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GWAILO'S REVIEW: 1995's Passion Unbounded glides along it's 99 min. running time with a strange and creepy fascination. Another film involving deadly matters in the Tuen Muen district, the menacing atmosphere is amplified by the enigmatic performance by Carrie Ng, who slinks in and out of every frame. Dead bodies are popping up and the search is on, the killer, bumping off their victims while doing the bump. Though the film let's on early as to who the killer is, there is much more in store for the audience. The film lurches and evolves towards a satisfying finale aided by an excellent use of color, outstanding photography, and moody pacing that infuses this striking oddity with a touch of class.

Director Joe Hau Wing-choi (Passionate Nights, Lost Control) beautifully realizes this bizarre cat III entry and directs it with force. Carrie Ng makes a strong performance as a deranged murderess whose past is charred with childhood trauma.  A flashback reveals mommy turning tricks in the same bed as Ng, while she tries to sleep. When the john is gone, mommy dearest turns her affections towards her. That's enough psychology for me. As a bonus, we get to see Ng masturbate in the tub and the use of her stiletto heel as a lethal weapon.

The pace begins to fall off towards the middle of the film, which may set viewers off, myself included. This being the only drawback I found in the film and the reason for the lower rating. The depravity and eccentricity on view don't seem to deserve the upscale production values passion Unbounded offers, but all seem to work amazingly well.