Too Tired To Die


"Unless you're an avid Takeshi Kaneshiro or Mira Sorvino fan, you'll probably wanna skip "Too Tired Too Die" because it offers nothing but a good way to waste 90 minutes of your life."

- Mighty Peking Man

Too Tired To Die(1998)

Director: Wonsuk Chin

Writer: Wonsuk Chin

Producer: Donna Bascom, Connie Kaiserman, Victor Hwang

Cast: Takeshi Kaneshiro, Mira Sorvino, Jeffrey Wright, Michael Imperioli, Geno Lechner, Ben Gazzara, Sandra Prosper, David Thornton, Aida Turturro, Hey-Soo Kim, Drena De Niro, Jamie Harrold, Rizwan Manji, Gretchen Mol, Bill Sage

Running Time: 97 min.

Plot: Too Tired To Die is a dark comedy about a young Japanese man seeking his identity in the trendy life of downtown New York when he is suddenly visited by "Death", a hip seductress, and told he has just twelve hours left to live...


MIGHTY PEKING MAN'S REVIEW: After a decent opening that lasted 20-minutes or so, "Too Tired To Die" became something I should've been paid to watch. Unfortunately, I sat through the whole movie without receiving a penny. But hell, it's my duty to watch a bad film from time to time so I thought I'd give it a chance to see where it would go. And, at the same time, I had to give props to Takeshi Kaneshiro - one of my favorite actors who I thought had a solid filmography, that is, until now.

Takeshi Kaneshiro plays Kenji, a twenty-something, jobless, Japanese guy (obviously) living in Manhattan, New York. Kenji is an easy going fella and seems like your average joe since no background is given to him, other than the fact that he's living off money being sent from his family in Japan. Must be nice eh?

One night, Kenji is visited by "Death" (played by, of all the people, Mira Sorvino) in his dreams and again, in person. She reveals that he has exactly 12 hours to live. Kenji's reaction? He really doesn't have one. That's what makes this film such an instant classic. Instead of being terrified, confused or in doubt, he continues to stroll along coffee shops and spread the word that he has only hours of life to live. During this whole time, Kenji barely stops to think to himself that he IS gonna die and doesn't know how, why, or where. Talk about unhuman characteristics. Christ! Call your family for for crying out loud! What amazing direction and story by Wonsuk Chin. Classic I tell ya. Classic. *cough*

Too bad the film itself is awful, because its cast (although sometimes pointless) is colorful and surprising. It features Mira Sorvino (who has a little less than a co-starring role), Michael Imperioli ("Go fuck yourself Tommy" from Goodfellas and The Sopranos), Drena De Niro (Robert's daughter. Yes, I'm serious), Hey-Soo Kim (Korean beauty babe Kick the Moon), Jeffrey Wright (Ali), Ben Gazzara (The Lost Highway) as well as a few other familiar faces of "almost" stars. As far as Takeshi Kaneshiro, it was pretty neat to see him perform in English, and he does a great job considering his first language consists of Japanese and all the dialects of Chinese as well.

With all the bashing towards this film, I have to say that there's one part that I enjoyed - It comes towards the end where Kenji goes a little crazy during the final hour of his life. During this scene, out of nowhere, he says: "Can I have sex with your girlfriend?" to a couple that's standing right in front of him. His remark is followed by some great dialogue about how people shouldn't be owned, and how anyone should be able to "fuck" anyone, anytime, anywhere they choose. Kenji even goes as far as saying "you can fuck me if you want!" to a guy. Now, imagine Takeshi Kaneshiro saying this stuff in English. Cool eh?

So, for about 5-minutes, the director did have his hat on. But anyways, back to the bashing...

Plot gaps, useless characters, and pointless situations...this film has it all. It also tries way too hard to give the viewers a lesson about how to live their short lives. Unless you're an avid Takeshi Kaneshiro or Mira Sorvino fan, you'll probably wanna skip "Too Tired Too Die" because it offers nothing but a good way to waste 90 minutes of your life.