Vengeance Is A Golden Blade


"It’s a well-paced, story-driven martial arts tale with a great cast and a surprise ending that definitely caught me off guard."

- Mighty Peking Man

Vengeance Is A Golden Blade (1969)

Director: Hoh Mung Wa (Ho Meng-Hua)

Cast: Chin Ping, Yueh Hua, Goo Man Chung (Ku Wen-Tsung), Tang Ching, Li Peng-Fei, Go Bo Shu

Running Time: 103 min.

Plot: See review below.

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MIGHTY PEKING MAN'S REVIEW: Li Zhi Shan (Tang Ching), a swordsman, who is also in the security business, arrives home to find that a rival company, headed by the evil Long Brothers, is waiting for him. The Long Brothers have a history of robbing what they’re supposed to protect, but since word has gotten around about their dirty operation, they no longer get any business from clients; and they blame Li Zhi Shan for spreading the truth.

To make things even worse, Li Zhi Shan’s malicious wife, Li Yue Shiang (Kao Pao Shu), is not only having an affair with the leader of the Long Brothers (Li Ping Fei), but the two are also teaming up to murder Li Zhi Shan.

With the help of his invincible sword, The Golden Dragon Blade, Li Zhi Shan manages to easily outdo entire Long Brothers gang. However, his wife sets up a new plan, which will place the Golden Dragon Blade in the hands of the Evil Long Brothers, leaving her husband in a helpless state. Unfortunately, her plan works, but Li Zhi Shan - along with his loyal servant (Paang Paang) and his daughter - barely manages to escape the situation.

The three seek refuge with Liu An Zheng (Ku Wen Chung) and his grandson, and together they begin a new life growing herbs for a living.

18 years pass, Li Zhi Shan’s daughter, Hsiao Yan (Chin Ping), and Liu An Zheng’s grandson, Liu Ching Song (Yueh Hua), are now grown up sword masters.

Although Li Zhi Shan keeps Hsiao Yan’s mother a secret, fate isn’t on the same side. Li Yue Shiang, and the leader of the Long Brothers, comes back to haunt Li Zhi Shan’s family. In preparation for a possible attack by the Long Brothers, Li Zhi Shan forges a new sword called the Hang Long Sword, which is built to take on The Golden Dragon Blade.

Not knowing anything about the past, Hsiao Yan finds herself confused and torn between her father and her mother. Little does she know, there are more unsettling surprises that have yet to be discovered - even by the audience watching the movie.

Vengeance Is A Golden Blade is yet another fantastic Hoh Mung Wa (Killer Darts) flick. It’s a well-paced, story-driven martial arts tale with a great cast and a surprise ending that definitely caught me off guard.

Once again, Chin Ping and Yueh Hua are teamed up, but unlike their other films together - such as 12 Gold Medallions and Killer Darts - Chin Ping takes more of a lead role this time around. Not to say that Yueh Hua doesn’t get any screen time slicing and dicing the bad guys, he’s just more like a sidekick than being half of a duo.

The character of Li Yue Shiang - played perfectly by Kao Pao Shu - is one of the biggest, two-timing bitches ever put on screen. She cheats on her husband, tries to murder him, and even tries to whore out her own daughter.

Don’t let all the twisted marital drama fool you - there’s plenty of blood and violence to go around. Like Hoh Mung Wa’s other films, which feature unique weapons, we are introduced to The Golden Dragon Blade. Early on in the movie, we witness the sword’s sheer power, as it clashes against other swords, and it slices right through them, as if they're made out of plastic.

Highly recommended.