Cannonball Run II


"... Jackies first taste of box office success in America."

- Vic Nguyen

Cannonball Run II (1984)

Director: Hal Needham

Producer: Albert S. Ruddy; Raymond Chow

Writer: Harvey Miller, Hal Needham , Albert S. Ruddy

Cast: Burt Reynolds, Jackie Chan, Tim Conway, Tony Danza, Sammy Davis Jr., Dom DeLuise, Richard Kiel, Don Knotts, Shirley MacLaine , Dean Martin, Telly Savalas, Henry Silva , Frank Sinatra

Running Time: 96 min

Plot: A nother wild, illegal, and popular cross-country car race is organized, and the eccentric entrants will do anything to win, including low-down dirty tricks only this time with the Mafia involved!


VICTOR NGUYEN'S REVIEW: And you thought Jackie's films had a crappy plot. A shiek that offers a race across the country with a cash prize? If you ask me, it's a bunch of crap, but at least it showcases what Jackie can do, but only for a little bit. This film is also in the worst possible genre, the comedy film without laughs. At least it was Jackies first taste of box office success in America. But all in all, it is a crappy film.

P.S.- I'm still pretty steamed that they showcased Jackie as a Japanese person. Talk about idiots!


DUSTY'S REVIEW: I'm not sure a sequel to this movie was really neccesary. This movie is good and bad in different ways from the first Cannonball Run. It's bad because Farrah Fawcett is not in it. It is good because Jackie gets to show off his car's underwater abilities. It sucks because Captain Chaos gets played out by the end of the movie. It's good because Jackie has more fight scenes than the first. Bad because Terry Bradshaw didn't make it into this one. But, good that Jackie Chan did! Once you weigh the evidence, this movie is not as good as the first one, but I liked Jackie's performance better than the last.


SUPERFLY'S REVIEW: This is by no means a kung-fu flick. The premise? A sheik puts on a race from California to the east coast somewhere to prove that his family is the fastest in the world. The winner get one million dollars! Chan is one of the racers, he and the ogre guy from Happy Gilmore drive a super high tech Mitsu, with after burners and submarine capabilities. Chan does not speak a word of english in this one! But he does fight a little. In one scene a biker gang is being a little unjust, so Chan and his Ogre-like friend come to the rescue. Chan looks at his companion and says something, and that big oaf says, "What? There's only like twelve of them! I'll be there in a second." And Chan takes 'em all out. An entertaining movie with lots of exotic cars and odd characters. Fun to watch. Not a waste of time.