The Crow: Wicked Prayer


"I can see why they decided on straight to DVD."

- Sawred

The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)

AKA: Wicked Prayer

Director: Lance Mungia

Producer: Edward R. Pressman, Jeff Most

Writer: Norman Partridge (novel The Crow: Wicked Prayer), Lance Mungia, Jeff Most, Sean Hood

Cast: Edward Furlong, David Boreanaz, Dennis Hopper, Tara Reid, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Danny Trejo, Marcus Chong, Tito Ortiz, David Ortiz, Macy Gray, Yuji Okumoto

Running Time: NA

Plot: The fourth chapter in the popular action-horror series, THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER features Edward Furlong taking up the vengeance fueled gothic mantle. Furlong plays Jimmy Cuervo, an ex-con who is driven out of a small Southwest town by the suspicious townsfolk. Leaving with his girlfriend Lily, Jimmy is ambushed by the satanic Luc Crash and his vicious biker gang. Crash slays both Lily and Jimmy as part of a ritual that will grant him supernatural powers. But little does Crash realize that the Crow, the spirit of revenge that helps the wronged make things right, has resurrected Jimmy, pitting the two in a supernatural battle between good and evil. 


SAWRED'S REVIEW: I must say I thought it was disappointing, mostly due to the casting of Ed Furlong. I can see why they decided on straight to DVD. 

Was it just me or did Edward Furlong seem "out of it" during most of the movie? I think Emmanuel Chrique had more screen presence in the movie than E.F. did. David Boreanaz makes a good villain but his lines, were just cheesy and we've all seen that any ways in the ANGEL TV show. Tara Reid makes a good point , she says something like "I'm just gonna go back to being white trash" towards the end. 'nuff said.

The name of the town is hilarious too, Lake Ravasu. Being that I'm actually from Lake HAVAsu, AZ. It was just too much. And it looks nothing like HAVAsu. I don't know exactly what tribe the movie was going for but they messed that up to hell. I can't believe how Hollywood seems to think Mexican people are the same as Native Americans. That's like calling a Japanese person Chinese. I know, I know, it was a mixed tribe but unlike Yaquis and other handful of Mexican mixed tribes in AZ. Wicked Prayer just got it wrong. 

There was a few good parts though, like the opening credits for the four horsemen. Now if only they could have put as much work in the entire film as that they might have an ok movie. In a way I don't blame people for thinking the Crow franchise is becoming a joke, after seeing Wicked Prayer I can see why they feel that way. I hope someday someone makes a quality film like the first film minus the hype. I ran into someone at the bank after the movie and they said that the TV series Stairway to Heaven was better than the last few movies. Haven't seen too many eps of it but I'm sure it has better than the last "4" films. 

Watching the film made me realize, I'm more a fan of James O'Barr, Brandon Lee and the original story of The Crow than The Crow franchise butƯ since most anything to do with The Crow has Brandon Lee on it it hard not to be. FYI- I have seen all of Brandon Lee's movies prior to the Crow. 

Well enough ranting. 

PS: I was the only person in the theater at the 12:15 showing. C'mon there has to be more crow fans that haven't seen Wicked Prayer yet in Seattle! Well at least no one was taking to the screen , which actually might have been more entertaining if there had been. 

I say if you are in Seattle, see it. But just be warned.