Highlander: Endgame


"Saying this is better than Part 2 or 3 is like saying rotten cheese tastes better than crap in the toilet."

- Ryan Lundgren

Highlander: Endgame (2001)

Director: Douglas Aarniokoski, Doug Aarniokoski

Producer: Peter S. Davis, William N Panzer

Writer: Joel Soisson, Gregory Widen, Eric Bernt

Cast: Christopher Lambert, Adrian Paul, Bruce Payne, Donnie Yen, Edge

Running Time: 101 min.

Plot: The sword-wielding immortals are back - Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) from HIGHLANDER and Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul) from television's HIGHLANDER series. In HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME, the two MacLeods do battle across time and space (from 15th century Scotland to present-day New York). Their foe is the evil, ultra-powerful Jacob Kell (Bruce Payne). Kell's immortal purpose is to make Connor's immortal life miserable - Kell was responsible for the death of Connor's mother and his wife, Heather. Kell is assisted by Kate (Lisa Barbuscia)- - she seeks revenge on Duncan for giving her no choice about becoming an immortal.


BENTLEY SIU-LUNG'S REVIEW: Alright, I'll admit it, I really liked this film. But I'd rather watch this over the American Ninja series...sorry ANM :) Of course, film sequels are seldom as good as the first film, and this is no exception. First off, if a series of films were planned, the first film shouldn't have acted like the last. Also, Christopher Lambert doesn't look too young anymore for his part... Adrian Paul, however, does look close to the way he did back in 1992 from the first episode. Maybe I like this film because I could be considered a "Die-Hard" Highlander fan, footage wise, after seeing all six seasons of the TV show and all films (even II...the only one I don't have! UGH!). After seeing FOUR versions of Endgame, I have different thoughts. The theatrical version left me wanting more...maybe it was the 85min. run time. I soon got a Workprint bootleg on eBay with plenty of new footage and a better ending, which was much better. Finally, in February, I got two more versions on DVDs: The Producer's Cut, and Workprint "B". The producer's cut was my most liked version as it was more dramatic than the two workprints and longer than the theatrical print. Donnie Yen could've been used better, but in the few scenes he has, he gets to showcase his great acting for the first time in English and has a great one on one fight with Adrian Paul. His English accent is a lot like Bruce Lee's was, just with a deeper tone. Hopefully, we will see him in more U.S. productions. All in all, ENDGAME was better then 2 & 3, but misses the feeling of the original...maybe a Queen song here and there could've helped...

BENTLEY SIU-LUNG'S RATING: Theatrical Cut: 5/10 Workprint "A": 7/10 Workprint "B": 8/10 Producer's Cut: 9/10

RYAN LUNDGREN'S REVIEW: Saying this is better than Part 2 or 3 is like saying rotten cheese tastes better than crap in the toilet. Connor (Lambert) and Duncan (Paul) square off against Kell, a warrior who is three times stronger than them both. He has 600 some kills, they only have 500 or so together. It doesn't make much sense in any case. Donnie Yen is wasted as a fellow immortal.

Christopher Lambert looks very out of place and so weak but in the first, The Kurgan was the strongest so where the heck does Kell play in? Lambert gives the least Inept performance and you know it's not a good sign. This one earns a 4/10 simply because of some cool action scenes and Yen's martial artistry. If you didn't like the first, take a point off.

Footnote: Lambert has the same feeling Michael Dudikoff did in American Ninja 4 and that feeling is shame.Only for Die Hard Highlander fans!