No Retreat, No Surrender II


"The best thing that can be said is that it's slightly better than Part 1 but that's like saying burnt toast tastes better than shit covered with peanut butter."

- American Ninja


AKA: Karate Tiger 2, Raging Thunder

Director: Corey Yuen

Producer: Ng See-Yuen, Roy Horan

Writer: Maria Elena Cellino, Roy Horan, Keith W. Strandberg

Cast: Loren Avedon, Max Thayer, Cynthia Rothrock, Patra Wanthivanond, Jang Lee Hwang, Matthias Hues, Roy Horan

Running Time: ?

Plot: A young master of martial arts heads to Cambodia to rescue his girlfriend from Vietnamese troops, with the help of his two friends.


BAD HABITT'S REVIEW: This is one of the most amazing films you will ever see. It has some of the most marvelous directing and cinematography of action scenes ever recorded on film. Loren Avedon is simply matchless as a young humble American hero in his first movie. The story line is equally captivating and engrosses the viewer. The characters are straight out of a comic book with fantastic screen presence, dialogue and charisma that makes it impossible to take one's eyes of them.

However where the film really succeeds, is in the technical aspect. The editing and pacing of the film is like none other. It is magnificently fused with a perfect film score that was works superbly and fuses so well with the film that it almost gives you goosebumps that something can be made so precisely and accurately to fit the emotions on the screen. Karate Tiger II proves that just because a movie is low budget, it doesn't mean that the people working on it aren't incredibly gifted and talented at their craft.

As a regular avid film viewer, I feel very fortunate that I was able to view and experience this film. It is a sheer delight and should not be missed by anyone. One of the very best films out of the tens of thousands I've seen.


AMERICAN NINJA'S REVIEW: NRNS2 (and the first) is the kind of movie that you find in the bargain bin for 99¢ cents and for good reason, because NRNS2 is far too simplistic and uninspired to be worth anything but a mindless rental. The plot has been done at least a gazillion times and has nothing to distinguish it from the rest. Loren Avedon and Cynthia Rothrock are taking on Russian thugs who kidnapped Avedon's fiance...naturally things go boom. The film's villain is Matthias Hues, (I Come In Peace,Blackbelt) who has made only two decent movies (the ones I mentioned) and he seriously tries too hard and looks laughable with his constant mugging. Avedon is a excellent martial artist but his acting leaves something to be desired and the whole movie is a soulless exercise in low-budget filmmaking. The best thing that can be said is that it's slightly better than Part 1 but that's like saying burnt toast tastes better than shit covered with peanut butter.