Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla


"So get off your ass and see it, or are you a communist sissy boy art house snob?"

- American Ninja Man

Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla (1974)

AKA: Godzilla vs. The Cosmic Monster, Godzilla vs. The Bionic Monster

Director: Jun Fukuda

Producer: Tomoyuki Tanaka

Cast: Akihiko Hirata, Masaaki Daimon, Kazuya Aoyama, Reiko Tajima, Hiromi Matushita, Hiroshi Koizumi, Goro Mutsu

Running Time: 85 min.

Plot: See review below.

Availability: This title is available at HKflix.com


AMERICAN NINJA MAN'S REVIEW: Godzilla movies are much like kung fu movies, in that they are criticproof. You could have a professor of film document to me how badly made these movies are, how awful the dubbing is and how cheap the special effects are and you'd still have me telling the professor of film how much of a commie he is.

Godzilla movies are in my mind the most enjoyable genre since old school kung fu and anyone who disagrees is communist art house snob (and they can go fuck themselves). Still as usual when it comes to this particular Godzilla film, plot, acting and quality go right out the window. It's all about the monster fight.

All you need to know about this one is that this is the one where aliens try to invade Japan by building a replica of Godzilla who they call Mechagodzilla and in its first fight with Godzilla it gets its artificial skin burned off by the real Godzilla, to which we see a cybernetic Godzilla, who then duke it out with each other again in the awesome climax.

As usual, Godzilla movies are all great entertainment (except the American one) and this one is among the very most enjoyable of the series. So get off your ass and see it, or are you a communist sissy boy art house snob?