Roaring Fire


"If you have low expectations and don't take these films serious, prepare to have a good time!"

- Goldenfist

Roaring Fire (1982)

Director: Norifumi Suzuki

Action Director: Sonny Chiba

Cast: Hiroyuki "Henry" Sanada, Etsuko "Sue" Shiomi, Shinichi "Sonny" Chiba, Mikio Narita, Abdullah the Butcher (cameo), Mesashi "Milton" Ishibashi

Running Time: ?

Plot: See Goldenfist's review below.


GOLDENFIST'S REVIEW: Well, what do we have here in this Toei films extravaganza released in the states by New Line (before they sold out and went corporate)? Well, this is the story about a young man(Jorji, played by Sanada) who grew up in Texas, only to find out that he was kidnapped and his father really 'isn't' his father. Jorgi learns that he is the long lost son of a multi-millionaire family, who's parents were mysteriously killed in a plane crash, the twin brother is murdered in Hong Kong and a blind sister (Sue Shiomi).

With the help of a cop/magician named Mr. Magic (Chiba), Jorji must figure out why his family died (all for a diamond called the Queen of Sheeba). This is a fun filled action movie that has something for almost everyone! We have a pet monkey who likes to snatch the bikini tops of cute Japanese chicks! We have an action star who sing his own theme song (not Jackie Chan!), we have a very attractive blind martial artist who kicks everyone's ass!

Lotsa slapstick comedy and a cameo from Wrestling legend Abdullah the Butcher!!!!!! This is one of those films that are completely obscure and hard to find! Let's pray that Diamond Entertainment (You know the guys who put the 4 Streetfighter films on DVD and other Chiba classics-along with a fully LBX version of Fist of Fear Touch of Death!) will release this film on DVD!

In the meanwhile, I recommend that you go to to get this!!! If you have low expectations and don't take these films serious, prepare to have a good time!