"Less-than-stellar boobs, bad script, no acting, a cute chick who doesn't get naked that often, optical fogging, very little violence, bad music, and $20 down the drain pretty much sums this one up."

- Woody

Scorpion (1998)

AKA: Scorpion Double Venom (2-in-1 DVD set)

Director: Ryoji Nimura

Producer: Fueto Kikuchi

Writer: Daisuke Goto

Cast: Chiahru Komatsu

Running Time: 90 min.

Plot: Nami Matsushida worked as a doctor until she came across a man responsible for the murder/kidnapping of her younger sister 15 years before. After murdering him, Nami is put away for ten years. Once there, she has to deal with a prison gang, a bisexual prison director, and a friend put on death row. Only by being as vicious as a scorpion will she be able to survive.

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WOODY'S REVIEW: I'll start off by saying that it was impossible to find information on this movie. I looked on review sites, on the, Japanese search engines, and found hardly anything. Basically, I was able to figure out that Fuji TV had something to do with the production and that it may have been based on a comic by Tooru Shinohara, and that it royally sucks.

There were two reasons that I bought "Scorpion" and it's creatively named sequel, "Scorpion 2". One was that they both came on one $20 disc. The other was that I had heard a bunch of good things concerning another Japanese women-in-prison film, "Female Convict Scorpion", and got the titles mixed up in my brain. But whatever my reason, I truly regret wasting $20 on this shite pile of crap.

"Scorpion" concerns Nami, a nice, pretty doctor chick who goes nuts at the sight of one of the guys who kidnapped and killed her sister 15 years before and murders him. Because the statue of limitations has run out on the crime against her sister, it is not taken into account that she had killed the guy because of what he did to her, and she is locked away for 10 years in a rural prison. Once there she goes through most every imaginable prison cliche: She fights the big butch chick, gets it on with the female warden to get keys, and makes a sister-like friend. There is also a subplot involving that friend, a tape she has of a politician killing a chick, etc., etc.

For a women-in-prison movie, there is hardly any violence or nudity to mention. There are a few scenes, but minus those rather minor scenes, this seems to me something that could have easily been played on television. It just reeks Made-For-TV. Then there is the acting. I wasn't expecting Oscar-worthy performances, but the lack of any acting at all in this movie is disheartening. Even the lead actress who plays Nami isn't all that good, though she is pretty cute (gotta give her that).

For you guys out there (or chicks who dig other chicks...which is entirely cool. I support your decision. If you want to discuss your sexuality with me, feel free to e-mail me at, I'm all hands, er, ears), the chicks in this movie, sadly aren't all that great. Basically, we are treated to 10-second flashes of not-so-stellar chests, almost no shots of the cute lead actresses chest, a nice chest on a less-than-attractive female warden, and fogging during the warden-Nami sex scene. Absolutely nothing to write home about here.

Less-than-stellar boobs, bad script, no acting, a cute chick who doesn't get naked that often, optical fogging, very little violence, bad music, and $20 down the drain pretty much sums this one up. Definitely not recommended, unless you want to buy it off of me, in which case, it was a brilliant film with brilliant performances, lots of great sex scenes and violence. One of my favorite films. Send me $25 and I'll send you the Holy Grail of Japanese exploitation films. Kurosawa, Miike? HA! You owe it to yourself to see this beautiful, astoundingly lensed masterpiece.