Visitor Q


"I'm surprised this film isn't banned."

- Mighty Peking Man

Visitor Q (2000)

AKA: Love Cinema Vol. 6

Director: Takashi Miike

Producer: Reiko Arakawa, Seiichiro Kobayashi, Susumu Nakajima

Writer: Itaru Era

Cast: Kenichi Endo, Shungiku Uchida, Kazushi Watanabe, Shoko Nakahara, Fujiko, Jan Muto, Ikko Suzuki

Running Time: 84 min.

Plot: The son is bullied at school, but quite violent at home. The daughter earns extra cash by selling herself. The mother is a junkie and starved of affection. The father, who was a TV newscaster but got fired, plans to get back his position by making a documentary about his crumbling family. One day, a mysterious man visits this family and starts living with them, and something begins to change within each family member.

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MIGHTY PEKING MAN'S REVIEW: After viewing Takashi Miike's "Fudoh", "Audition" and "Itchi The Killer" I was expecting to be horrified with what "Visitor Q" had in store. Matter in fact, I was expecting to be more than horrified. Now that I've seen it, I've come to the conclusion that "Visitor Q" not only met my expectations, but also surpassed them by miles. Describing this film as "demented" is being way too lenient - truthfully, I can't find the right words. Why don't I put it this way, I'm surprised this film isn't banned. Even after reading what I've just wrote about "Visitor Q", you'll still be in dumfounded with what you'll see. Truthfully, I don't remember the last time I looked away and yelled "ughhhhh!".

If you're planning to watch it in the near future, I can offer you a good way to prepare yourself:

1. Get a notepad and something to write with.
2. Start writing down letters (from A-Z) vertically.
3. For each letter, come up with a sinful word or words that starts with that letter.
    Example 1: M. Murder, Mayhem
    Example 2: P. Prostitution, Puke
    Example 3: R. Rape, Rotten

Keep in mind that most of the words you come up with will be explored in the movie, consider that a fair warning.

So, is "Visitor Q" a cool movie? Yes. Takashi Miike, once again, has proved that he is one of the most diverse, talented and fucked up filmmakers of our time. If the film wasn't, you know, it would have gotten a higher rating - but it's definitely an experience.