Conduct Zero


"...enjoyable. If you loved the 80's this is one you might enjoy."

- Equinox21

Conduct Zero (2002)

AKA: Manner Zero, No Manners

Director: Jo Geun-shik

Cast: Ryu Seung-beom, Im Eun-kyung, Gong Hyo-jin

Running Time: 99 min.

Plot: See Equinox21's review below.


EQUINOX21'S REVIEW: Conduct Zero is the story of Joong-pil (Ryu Seung-beom) the King of his high school in the 1980's. Essentially, he is the main bully of the school. Anyone wanting to become the King of the school must challenge him for that title. Of course, the majority of his exploits come from hearsay and exaggeration, but his legend is unquestioned nonetheless. One day a new student, Young-mahn, arrives at school and is quickly befriended by Joong-pil because he knows Min-hee (Lim Eun-kyeong), who he fell for after seeing her in his mother's salon. Young-mahn's older brother, Sang-mahn, is also enrolled in the school, only he has a legendary reputation from his old school, and it quickly becomes apparent that he wants the title of King of the school for himself.

The movie is mainly about two things, a "first love" story between Joong-pil and Min-hee, and the struggle for top position at the school. The romance aspect is cute, but nothing special. It was mildly amusing to see the first kiss between two high school kids. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything special about the relationship.

The three major fight scenes in this movie, however, were just great! They were completely over the top, in the sense that they are being told from the point of view of an exaggerating student who got the information second hand. The first two establish the characters as nigh-invincible superheroes, while the third fight displays a typical high school fight, complete with wild swinging and lots of tackling, not the amazing skills talked about from the previous fights. There was lots of CGI use for these fights, but in a humorous way, which made the feel even funnier. Plus, there was a nice high school girl gang catfight, which was very nice.

The acting was really good, from all players. There are lots of cute high school girls in this movie, decked out in 80's garb. The soundtrack really stood out as it was chock full of 80's sounds, including Tone-Loc's Wild Thing. The limited edition DVD comes with 3 discs, two for the movie and extras and the third for the OST.

Overall, it was a decent movie. It was nothing special, but still enjoyable. If you loved the 80's this is one you might enjoy.