Dream of a Warrior


"Leon Lai, what the hell were you thinking?"

- Equinox21

Dream of a Warrior (2001)

Director: Park Hee-Joon

Producer: Kim Hyung-Joon

Cast: Leon Lai Ming, Lee Na-Young, Park Eun-Hye, Yoon Tae-Young, Kim Ji-Moo

Running Time: 84 min.

Plot: Dean (Leon Lai Ming) is a detective in Seoul's organized crime team. He finds out that the girl he always dreams about is the daughter of Dr. Jang. Two years earlier, Dr. Jang invented a time machine to prove his theory of past lives, but the experiment went awry and the time machine was destroyed, leaving his daughter Rose (Park Eun-Hye) trapped in the past. Dean agrees to begin a risky mission to travel back in time and find Rose.

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EQUINOX21'S REVIEW: Ouch. Ok, having just now sat down to write this review some 5 months after watching the movie, it is still no less painful to think about. So as not to lose my dinner, I will keep this short. The movie seemed to have elements of some of sci-fi's least respected movies, such as Dune (which I personally enjoyed, however I hear that it's not very widely enjoyed), Highlander TWO (yes, that abysmal piece of work seems to have been part of the inspiration for DoaW), and time travel (any time travel film you've seen). To put it mildly, this is by far the WORST Asian film I've ever had the misfortune to lay my eyes on. I'd really like my hour and a half back.

Leon Lai, what the hell were you thinking? His acting was stiff and uninspired (perhaps he realized the movie was going to be horrendous from the get go and never gave much effort, at least that wouldn't surprise me). I don't remember the character's name, but the actress on the cover of the DVD has only a BIT part in the movie (so what is she doing on the cover? She either slept with the producer or she's famous, I don't know which).

Anyway, avoid this waste of time, money and sanity at all costs. You'll be better off for it.