Love Wind, Love Song


"The premise of the film is something that could and should have just been an extended TV commercial of some sort."

- Mighty Peking Man

Love Wind, Love Song(2001)

AKA: Wind of Love; Wind of Song

Director: Park Dae-Young

Producer: Koo Bon-Han, Jang Yoon-Hyun

Cast: Jang Dong-Geon, Go So-Yeong, Lee Yeong-Ran

Running Time: 96 min.

Plot: A man and woman meet fortuitously one day while chasing a pickpocket at the airport and develop feelings for each other. However, they are unable to effectually express their love. The woman hopes the man will take the initiative, but he is unable to do so due to his emotional baggage. Will they be able to overcome their intertia and begin a relationship?

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MIGHTY PEKING MAN'S REVIEW: I can just imagine the makers of "Love Wind, Love Song" pitching the idea to studio executives:

"We have the perfect movie under our belts. It's a love story about a two lonely people that meet each other on an exotic island. They both have had troubled relationships in the past, and they meet in the most unexpected way. We'll get two of Korea's current heartthrob idols to play the main roles. The script is about 20% done, but we plan on shooting it anyways. It won't matter though, people over here love romantic stories and dramatic films of this kind, so we can just make things up as we go. Plus, the two leads are both beautiful and likeable, so this film is bound to be popular and make lots of money. We can shoot the entire film in under 3 days. Most of the production crew is unknown but they work fast and cheap. This film will be a piece of cake and the easiest, fastest buck we'll ever make."

Funny eh? Of course the above paragraph is not true, but that's the way it felt about it. I'm sure director Park Dae-Young was a little more ambitious than I imagined (let's hope so). "Love Wind, Love Song" is as dull as a cup of generic Top Ramen without the boiled water and flavor packet. There's really nothing special or interesting about it. It starts off okay, keeps the audience in check, then it literally goes nowhere for the remaining time. The premise of the film is something that could and should have just been an extended TV commercial of some sort. If that was the case then this could have been a decent short.

If there's anything good to say about "Love Wind, Love Song", it's the presence of it's two stars: Jang Yoon Hyun ("Friend" and "Nowhere To Hide") and Go So-Yeong ("The Fox with Nine Tails" and "Beat"). Judging from what they show in this film and what I've seen them in, their potential is way underused here. If you wanna see a perfect example of what happens to good talent with no or very poor direction, then you don't wanna miss this.

This film definitely ain't got nothing on "My Sassy Girl", that's for sure.