My Beautiful Girl, Mari


"I've seen some crap off of saturday morning with better animation than this. But the character design/layout is nice."

- Gau Dog

My Beautiful Girl, Mari (2001)

AKA: Love Fantasy

Director: Lee Seong-Gan (Lee Sung-Gang)

Producer: Jo Seong-Won

Cast: Lee Byeong-Heon, Gong Hyong-Jin, Bae Jong-Ok, Ahn Seong-Gi

Running Time: 80 min.

Plot: A dreamlike journey into a world of fantasy that almost everyone might have imagined once, and intimates a wondrous and novel experience for the world's audiences.

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GAU DOG'S REVIEW: (some spoilers) My Beautiful Girl, Mari is about the childhood relationship between two boys (Namoo and Junho) and their encounter with Mari, a very hairy girl from another place. The movie starts out with the boys as adults getting together to reminisce after not having seen one another for a number of years.

Just as a note on the animation, the movement isn't the highest quality. I've seen some crap off of saturday morning with better animation than this. But the character design/layout is nice. And it's not horrible enough to distract from the story.

The main character in all this is Namoo, a kid that lives with his single mother and grandmother. He seems to care more about his stray cat, Yo than he does his grandmother. I think we first get a glimpse of Mari in a marble in a general goods shop. But Namoo doesn't get it at first. As a getaway, Namoo likes to retreat to an abandoned lighthouse and enjoy the beach. It is inside this lighthouse that Namoo suddenly finds himself transported to a weird fantasy world. Here Namoo meets the silent hairy girl Mari and her gigantic dog. A visual and floating encounters is about all there is to the relationship between Namoo and Mari, which is why I felt it was pretty shallow.

A more interesting relationship was developed for fat boy Junho and mean girl Soogy. They go on being mean to one another but in the end, when Junho has to move to another city, they miss one another.

Between Namoo and Junho, however, they eventually both get sucked into Mari's world together for awhile and that shared experience is a small cornerstone to their friendship and childhood.

While I didn't really care for the Mari girl, it was mildly interesting watching the Korean environment and the interaction between Junho and Soogy.