Public Toilet

"I now know why the title of this movie is Public Toilet. Toilet = CRAP!!!"

- Monkey Goddess

Public Toilet (2002)

Director: Fruit Chan

Producer: Fruit Chan, Carrie Wong

Writer: Fruit Chan, Ken To

Cast: Abe Tsuyoshi, Ma Zhe, Jang Hyuk, Cho In-Seong, Sam Lee, Jo Kuk, Pietro Diletti, Sun Yisheng

Running Time: 105 min.

Plot: Public Toilet binds together different people all faced with death and who opt for miracle cures for their loved ones. Two different Beijingers hope to find cures for ill family members; a terminally ill woman emerges from the sea near Busan; a woman returns to China to find a cure for her sick mother; and two Indian men from Hong Kong escort their father to the healing Ganges. Along the way, they share joy, anger, sadness and hope during their troubled journeys.


MONKEY GODDESS' REVIEW: I now know why the title of this movie is Public Toilet. Toilet = CRAP!!! There's nothing much really to say except this movie wasn't very good; it was disjointed at the most, and having this at a film festival is beyond me! This movie is about 18 year old Dongdong, nicknamed the "God of Toilets" for having been found at a public toilet when he was a baby. There isn't really much to know about the nice old lady who found and raised him, except that she is falling ill and there are two old men pining for her affections. Eventually, we will find out that Dongdong's best friend Tony is off to find a medical cure for his sick brother. Basically, all you have to know is this movie is about several characters and somehow they're all connected to one another through some way, but the plot isn't important because it was so utterly ridiculous.