Resurrection of the Little Match Girl

"This film is a spectacular failure."

- Len

Resurrection of the Little Match Girl (2003)

Director: Jang Sun-Woo

Writer: In Jin-mi, Jang Sun-Woo

Producer: Huh Chang-Kyung

Cast: Im Eun-Gyung, Kim Hyun-Sung, Kim Jin-Pyo, Jin Xing

Running Time: 126 min.

Plot: To Chinese restaurant delivery boy 'Ju', the only joy in life is spending time at the electronic game room. One day, 'Ju' who was engrossed in an electronic game as usual, is advised to log-on to a game called RESURRECTION OF THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL.

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Len's quick capsule review #1:

10 minutes: Hey, this film rocks.
20 minutes: This is quite possibly the weirdest asian film I've seen since ever.
30 minutes: Cool, more weirdness.
60 minutes: ...this is becoming repetitive. Isn't this plot going anywhere?
90 minutes: Just please end the film already.
124 minutes: Whew, that's three hours of my life that I can never have back. What, it was only two hours? Sure didn't feel like it. I feel abused.

Len's quick capsule review #2:

+ Admirably insane at times.
+ The little match girl is ridiculously cute.
+ Decent action at times.
+ Really funny for the first 30 minutes or so.
+ Several amusing concepts.
+ At least they tried to do something that's different.

- Too fucking long and repetitive.
- No plot whatsoever.
- This film has more CGI than both of the Toy Story films combined.
- Tons of wasted potential.
- This film is the textbook definition of excess.

Len's quick capsule review #3:

This film is a spectacular failure. Not content with being mediocre or possibly disappointing, Resurrection Of The Little Match Girl goes all the way. And to be honest, I think there's actually something good in that. Or at least in theory, since I've always had a thing for awful films. The sheer boringness of ROTLMG negates whatever amusement I might've gotten from it otherwise.

If there ever has been a film that could use some of that "Harvey Scissorhands"-action, it's Resurrection Of The Little Match girl. I mean sure, the insanity and craziness is funny for the first 30 minutes, but the novelty wore off quickly after that and the film became nothing more than a series of scenes that look cool and make no sense whatsoever. Cutting away 60 minutes or so would've improved the film greatly and made it at least somewhat entertaining. As it is now, Resurrection Of The Little Match Girl gets some points for a decent effort, but not for much else.

Len's quick capsule review #4:

This film is a piece of shit. Walk away.