Say Yes


"Although the plot lacks originality and depth, "Say Yes" still packs some of the most ruthless acts I've ever seen in recent cinema."

- Mighty Peking Man

Say Yes (2001)

Director: Kim sung-hong

Producer: Im Jung-hyang

Writer: Yeo Hey-young

Cast: Park Joong-hoon, Shu Sang-mi, Kim Ju-hyuk

Running Time: 104 min.

Plot: While on vacation to celebrate Jeong-hyun's book being published, the happy young couple give a ride to a hitchhiker, known only as "M". After they let off the strange and frightening man, he begins to stalk them, and their winter getaway soon becomes a nightmarish ride they may not survive.

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The combination of a few familiar ingredients and a touch of Korean flavor results in a satisfying presentation of a reliable premise.

    1 cup of cute Korean couple
    1 cup of semi-retarded, knife-wielding psycho with a mysterious agenda
    2 tablespoons of stunning Korean scenery
    4 teaspoons of gratuitous nudity (equal parts of male and female ass)
    8 cloves of wince-inducing scenes of broken fingers and crushed skulls
    2 sprigs of implausible plot twists
    a dash of Se7en
    a sprinkle of Breakdown
    a pinch of The Hitcher
    a twist of Jason Voorhees
    18 gallons of syrupy crimson blood


1. Fire up the DVD player and turn out the lights.
2. Combine the cute couple with a scenic vacation to the Korean coast. Add a seemingly semi-retarded, knife-wielding psycho to the mix and stir slowly.
3. A dash, pinch, twist and sprinkle of Se7en, Hitcher, Jason and Breakdown will evoke fond memories of classics of the slasher/psycho drifter genre.
4. Periodically stir in scenes of broken fingers, smashed skulls, impalings, car wrecks, sliced jugulars and torture. Space them evenly to ensure viewer suspense.
5. Grill on high heat for a taut 93 minutes.
6. Remove from fire and top finished product with copious amounts of blood (the more the better).

Dig in.


MIGHTY PEKING MAN'S REVIEW: Ever see "The Hitcher"? How about "Breakdown"? If you've seen either of these films you'll find hardly anything new in Kim sung-hong's thriller "Say Yes" starring Park Joong-hoon, the coolest Asian actor since Hong Kong's Chow Yun Fat and Lau Ching-wan. Although the plot lacks originality and depth, "Say Yes" still packs some of the most ruthless acts I've ever seen in recent cinema.

In celebration of his newly published book, Jeong-hyun (Kim Ju-hyuk) and his beautiful girlfriend (Shu Sang-mi) are taking a weekend getaway. Everything is fine and dandy until they stop at a cafe where they run into (literally!) a strange man (Park Joong-hoon) who asks them if he can get a lift to their destination. Being the typical thriller this movie is, they agree to help the guy out. While on the road, the strange man gets more and more odd by the minute. His wicked presence, sinister stairs and wicked silence start to build extreme tension towards the couple. He even goes as far as lighting a cigarette in their new car and intentionally blowing smoke in the couple's direction.

Need I go on? I'm sure you know exactly where this film is going and you're right on the target...

Again, this film borrows heavily from the mentioned Hollywood films above, but it does have a quality of it's own in terms of entertainment and outcome. Besides, Park Joong-hoon's performance is worth seeing alone. Being the pervert I am, I might as well mention that it was nice to see Shu Sang-mi's flawless nude body more than once.