Tale of Two Sisters, A

"I am glad I got a chance to catch this excellent Korean movie."

- Monkey Goddess

Tale of Two Sisters, A (2003)

Director: Kim Ji Woon (Kim Ji Wun)

Writer: Kim Ji Woon (Kim Ji Wun)

Producer: Oh Gi-Min, Oh Jeong-Wan

Cast: Im Su-Jeong, Mun Geun-Yeong, Yeom Jeong-A, Kim Gap-Su, Park Mi-Hyeon, Wu Gi-Hong, Lee Seung-Bi

Running Time: 115 min.

Plot: Eun-joo, the stepmother, welcomes two sisters who come back home after recovering their health, but Su-mi, the elder sister, intentionally avoids her and Su-yeon, the younger sister, shows a smack of fear for her stepmother. On their first night, Su-yeon sneaks in Su-mi's room confessing there is someone in her room and Su-mi sees a ghost of her late mother who hung herself in Su-yeon's closet.


MONKEY GODDESS' REVIEW: Going in, I didnât really know what to expect of this movie, aside from the fact that it had a favourable write-up and that it was recommended by a friend who said to check it out. After watching it, I am glad I got a chance to catch this excellent Korean movie.

The movie focuses in on two sisters who arrive home from the hospital to greet their stepmother. As the movie progresses, it is revealed that the sisters do not like their stepmother at all and are very much against what she says and does, especially the older sister Su-mi. The stepmother can also sense this based on their behaviour and attitude. In retaliation, she turns against them (at one point, she tells the sisters' father that they bring her misery). 

Although it is slow moving at times, there are several scenes that will jolt you out of your seat and are quite horrifying, to say the least. These scenes were especially striking due to the accompanying strings evoking horror and fright. From my experience watching this movie (which was at a film festival), it was a bit difficult to understand certain scenes, and I might have to watch it again just to understand completely what it was all about. Overall, there was good chemistry between all the actors, especially Im Soo-Jung and Moon Geun-Young, who portrayed the two sisters. Regarding the actress who played the evil stepmother (as someone mentioned on a website review), Yeom Jeong-Ah is definitely the Asian equivalent of Glenn Close; very menacing, and not very likeable. Lastly, I would have liked to have seen Kim Gap-Su, the father, appear in more scenes, but as this movie is mainly about the relationship between the mother and her two stepdaughters, I understood the small role presented.