Two Guys


"The only problem with it... the DVD had no subtitles! DOH!"

- Equinox21

Two Guys (2004)

Director: Park Hun-Soo

Cast: Park Jung-Hun, Cha Tae-Hyeon, Han Eun-Jeong

Running Time: 116 Min.

Plot: Hun has incurred a crushing debt thanks to all his dating. But now Joong-Tae is on him like glue, threatening to rip out his kidney if he doesn't pay up. After the two witness a murder, however, they are forced to team up just to stay alive.

Availability: This title is available at (Warning: NO SUBTITLES!)


EQUINOX21'S REVIEW: Well, this could have been a great movie. It had all the makings of a movie I'd love. The two main actors (Cha Tae-hyun and Park Jung-hun) are both terrific actors whose work I enjoy immensely.  The style was great, the beginning credits were cool, the acting was terrific and the comedy was really good. The only problem with it... the DVD had no subtitles! DOH!

So, there I was, I'd popped the DVD in and thought I'd give it a go, even without the subtitles (I didn't realize this before I ordered it, but when I saw the box it only listed Korean, but I thought that maybe they'd just not listed English... alas, there were none. But worry not, I didn't have to pay for the DVD). When I realized that there weren't any English subs, I decided to turn it off... but at that point the opening credits were going, and they were really cool. So, I decided to wait until after those. Then I watched a little, and decided to wait a little while longer.  Until eventually I'd watched the entire movie with no subs at all, and found myself laughing at quite a few scenes. 

I'm sure I'd have enjoyed it more with subs, but that will have to wait until a different version becomes available. When it does, I highly recommend it. It looked great from what I could comprehend, and enough of the comedy doesn't need translation, so it was still enjoyable.

EQUINOX21'S RATING: 6/10 (with subtitles, it would NO DOUBT have been more enjoyable to me, thus would have earned a much higher rating, but until then... 6 it is)