Unborn but Forgotten

"...it'sjust another example of a boring horror movie that could only scare pre-pubescent girls."

- Equinox21

Unborn but Forgotten (2003)

AKA: Unborn but Unforgotten (from subtitles during credits)

Director: Im Chang-Jae

Writer: Han Hyeon-Geun

Producer: Yu Hee-Suk

Cast: Lee Eun-Ju, Jenog Joon-Ho, Kye Seong-Yong, Myung Ji-Yeon, Kim Hyeon-Sook

Running Time: 91 Mins

Plot: Television producer Han and Detective Choi are looking into a serial murder case. All the victims are women who have browsed a web site called "White Room" and mysteriously became pregnant...

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EQUINOX21'S REVIEW: *** Spoilers ***

The Korean movie Unborn but Forgotten is the epitome of the type of horror movies that bore me to tears.  Itís a bit of a ghost story, featuring a bunch of women dying by having their wombs expand to the point of crushing their insides, even though they arenít pregnant.   Alas, it ends up being a ghost baby that just wants to be born because it was killed and still-born by another motherís boyfriend.  Who knows?  The plot was just dumb and blatantly predictable.  The first 5 minutes and the intro credits were probably the only good parts of this movie, which seemed to play out like a bad ďRingĒ rip-off, only on the internet.

I really didnít know what to expect from this movie, except that Iíd heard it might have something to do with a serial killer.  That would have at least made it interesting, but itís just another example of a boring horror movie that could only scare pre-pubescent girls.  There was simply no drama, no suspense and nothing to keep me interested.  The climax, which could be seen coming a mile and a half away (or 2.4 kilometers for you metric system readers), played out in a matter of 30 seconds with no hint of suspense.  It almost made me feel as though the film makers knew this was going to be a boring-as-hell movie and just wanted to get it over with and get the audience out the door as quickly as possible.

Will some people like this movie?  Probably; But not me.  Iíve never cared for horror movies, and this is yet another example of why.  Iím not scared by ghost babies or doors that open and shut themselves.  If you want to scare me, show me a situation thatís entirely realistic.  The threat of a nuclear war is far scarier to me than a bunch of women dying because they looked at a lame website.