Yellow Hair 2


"The film is crisp, slick and ultra-stylish. This is a rather odd example, but the look and feel of the production can be compared to a techno-fabric softener - fresh, clean and gleaming with color and sound."

- Mighty Peking Man

Yellow Hair 2: I Wanted To Be A Moon (2001)

AKA: The Blonde 2

Director: Kim Yu-Min

Producer: Yoo Min Kim, Jae Hak Yoo

Writer: Yoo Min Kim

Cast: Ha Ree Soo, Shinee, Hong Jin Mo, Chan Yoon,

Running Time: 109 min.

Plot: See Mighty Peking Man's review below.

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MIGHTY PEKING MAN'S REVIEW: "Yellow Hair 2" has nothing to do with the original that starred Lee Jae-Eun ("Jakarta"). They are two, totally different films as far as everything goes: style, plot, characters, look, feel and soundtrack. To me, "Yellow Hair" is a base-model Harley-Davidson, where "Yellow Hair 2" is more like a Ducati 900 Sport model. Both fun rides, but the latter is more sleek, sporty and cool. It wouldn't surprise me if producers decided to slap on the title of "Yellow Hair 2" just to give it a little advertising boost (a la "Whispering Corridors 2" for "Memento Mori").

The film starts off by introducing Alice, a struggling model/actress who has to work at a convenient store to make ends meet. Things haven't been going well for her lately. After a light argument, Alice decides she doesn't need Andy, her flaky manager who has done nothing to make her dreams of becoming an actress come true. Matter of fact, their business relationship was more sexual than anything. After a mutual agreement to end their pointless partnership, Andy hands Alice a package.

The package contains glamour photos that can be used for her acting/modeling portfolio. Along with the photos is a mysterious videocassette. Immediately she plays the cassette. It starts off with miscellaneous PG-rated clips of her, then turns into something she never wanted to exist - - kinky sex between her and Andy! Turns out, earlier in their relationship, Andy had planted a hidden camera before they decided to get it on. The bastard!

As she watches the tape in disgust and tears, her phone rings. It's Andy and he can feel her anger on the phone:

    Andy: You must be watching it. My friend is going to edit and make copies of it on VCDs. He says it's okay and won't be a blast since you're an unknown actress. I can hear you watching it and sounds great! *laughing*

    Alice: I'm going to kill you. *click*

Things for Alice only get worse when she finds out that her convenient store boss is also up to no-good when she discovers a video-camera in the store's dressing room. For some reason, she decides to blow it off. What's she gonna do? Quit?

Alice soon meets Lara, a drop-dead gorgeous babe with a different kind of "edge", who visits the store on a regular basis to buy the usual convenient store stuff. Alice thinks Lara's image is cool and compliments her as she just smiles back and remains silent. Lara often pays for things by personal checks and Alice accepts them without checking for proper ID. This becomes a problem to Alice's boss, who has had many problems with bad checks.

One day, the boss witnesses Alice accepting yet another check from Lara without checking her ID. This time he stops Lara from walking out and rudely demands her ID. Some crazy shit is about to break loose, but wait, there's another person in the store...

Alex, a free-spirited individual who is obsessed with capturing things with his videocamera, which he never leaves home without. He happens to be at the right place at the right time as he captures Lara, Alice and her boss in a discomforting situation.

I won't give away what happens next, but in all fairness, it's not shocking at all. However, it initiates Alice, Lara and Andy to flee and enter an adventurous world of sex, crime and some pretty bizarre situations. Although Alice seems to be the lead, Lara's character is given the most attention as the film tells her story in a couple of brief flashbacks. All I gotta say is, it's only a movie and he's just an actress... uh, wait a minute. Read on...

"Yellow Hair 2" has a lot of eye-candy and I'm not even talking about the nudity and sexual acts involving the two beautiful leads. The film is crisp, slick and ultra-stylish. This is a rather odd example, but the look and feel of the production can be compared to a techno-fabric softener - fresh, clean and gleaming with color and sound. The film's soundtrack is full of catchy songs and dance numbers that gel great with the film's image.

DVD NOTE: The film has more extra features than GAWD! Cast and crew info, about the film, music video, film highlights, making of film, photo gallery, soundtrack (which like the "Memento Mori" disc, only plays on the DVD player) and trailers.