"If there were any good aspects of the movie, I didn't see 'em."

- Renegade

Yonggary (1999)

AKA: Reptilian

Director: Hyung Rae Shim

Cast: Harrison Young, Richard B. Livingstone, Donna Philipson, Briant Wells, Wiley Picket, Brad Sergi, Dan Cashman

Running Time: 99 min.

Plot: Aliens resurrect a huge monster from Earth's past to help them conquer the planet.


RENEGADE'S REVIEW: Okay, as a huge fan of gigantic monster movies I had high hopes. When I saw the official website and saw what Yonggary (named for the monster in an earlier Korean monster movie, which I will review later) looked like, and the fact that they used state of the art special effects to create this movie, I looked forward to seeing it thinking it would be as good as many of the new generation Godzilla flicks. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. In my opinion this movie SUCKED ROCKS!!!! There are several reasons why I thought it SUCKED ROCKS!!!!

1) The whole movie seemed like they threw every idea (bad ones also) about gigantic monster flicks into the making of this movie from the origin of the monster to the classic monster vs. monster slugfest so quickly that it was hard to keep focused on the movie.

2) All of the main characters are portrayed entirely by American actors, there was not one Korean among them. This was done so it would appeal to American audiences. Also there weren't that many Koreans in the movie, except for extras. You'd think that if a movie was shot in Korea, you'd expect to find a lot of Koreans in it.

3) The plot about aliens using a monster to take over the Earth is older than the gigantic monster movie genre itself. An original plot would have helped. For example, Yonggary was awakened by a volcanic eruption and lays waste to Korea, or he was sent to Earth by benevolent aliens to protect it, or he was mutated from radiation (the old standby) could be used.

This brings me to 4) The special effects used, including the CGI, were so bad that Yonggary and Cyker (the other monster) looked like freakin' cartoons instead of believable looking kick-ass creatures, it made the creatures look like weaklings to be laughed at instead of something to run away from.

And finally, 5) Yonggary and Cyker didn't seem that powerful even when they used their respective powers. If they ever came to Japan and fought with Godzilla, he would kick both of their asses. Hell, even Godzilla's son would beat the both of them.

Based on those five reasons, I don't recommend Yonggary to even the most die-hard monster fan, because they would be in for one hell of a disappointment. If there were any good aspects of the movie, I didn't see 'em.