The latest on ‘Men in Black III’ – Three new clips

"Men in Black 3" Teaser Poster

"Men in Black 3" Teaser Poster

THE MOVIE: The latest entry in the popular sci-fi comedy series from director Barry Sonnenfeld. Starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, and the third installment adds Josh Brolin to the mix as a young version of Tommy Lee Jones’ character. In theaters on May 25, 2012.

Updates: The writer behind Indy 4 and Jurassic Park is being hired to fix script problems in the third installment of the sci-fi series. More details on the premise and script issues here. MIB 3 set photos indicate. There are plans for an IMAX 3-D release. Rotten Tomatoes via notes that the aliens will have a 50s/60s classic retro feel as envisioned by An American Werewolf in London’s Rick Baker. linked a teaser poster. Trailer, courtesy of CBM. Dark Horizons via HuffPo linked Jemaine Clement on a bike.

CBM has a pic of Smith and Lee in a Woo-style stand-off. Smith and Brolin bikin’ it. New pic of Smith and Jones. Smith wants to ride his bicycle. AICN has the new theatrical trailer. AICN posted a photo of Aliens from the film. Truly old school. Youtube has the latest TV spot.

BREAKING NEWS: Total Film has three new clips.

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  1. ningen31 says:

    Hopefully, it won’t give me Mars Attacks vibes…

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