Reynolds takes Denzel to Kinnaman’s ‘Safe House’

'Safe House" Theatrical Poster

'Safe House" Theatrical Poster

THR reported the latest cast update to the thriller, Safe House, which is about a CIA agent played by Ryan Reynolds escorting a criminal played by Denzel Washington to a new refuge after a major attack. Joel Kinnaman, also from The Killing show, plays someone who runs the safe house, and Snabba Cash’s Daniel Espinoza is directing. Safe House co-stars include The Kingdom actor Tim McGraw, singer Ruben Blades, Vera Farmiga, and In Bruges’ Brendan Gleeson.

Update: Moviefone has a look at the poster.

Update 2: The trailer is now online.

Update 3: TheMovieBox uploaded an action-packed clip.

Update 4: Moviefone posted an excerpt of a Vulture interview in which Denzel discussed being waterboarded.

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3 Responses to Reynolds takes Denzel to Kinnaman’s ‘Safe House’

  1. ningen31 says:

    It’s a shame Safe House has a crappy RT score and, from what I heard, bad WOM. Trailer looked good.

  2. Carl Smits says:

    G’Day! Ningen31,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, My sister wants to go watch Safe House on her own, The movie with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.
    Can she go on her own?
    Keep up the good work

  3. Ningen31 says:

    It’s pretty bloody at times, so if she gets squeamish, it might not before her. If she’s fine with that, then she should be careful where she sits, ‘cus they jacked up the audio pretty high.

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